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5 Critical Elements That Will Help You Build A Successful Startup Team

Building a company is not just a one man’s job at all; it is a teamwork. You need an awesome team that will bind your business brick by brick.

The world is full of competition. Wherever you go, you’ll find a competition which is insane if you ask me. In the information technology era, no idea is a new idea, so if you have a unique business idea, you will find 100 companies already thriving in that area.

That is where you need a team, a robust, efficient, and loving team!!!

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Here I will jot down some elements you need to take care of if you want an efficient and powerful team for your startup venture.

Let’s not consume more time and let’s get you started right away!!!

Element #1: Your Team Needs To Be On The Same Page

Ever heard of a ship crew who don’t know where they are sailing to?

Of course not, that will be absurd, right?

How will they reach their destination if every member of that crew wants to go to different places at a time? Now imagine that for your business.

Horrible, isn’t it?

Your team needs to be on the same page as you are. That’s how a successful startup is formed. From ground zero to a skyscraper height. Learn their motivations and tell them yours as well. That way you can resonate with your team, and they will resonate with you.

You all need to put your effort in the same direction or else your startup venture will fall apart before you ever notice.

Let’s move to the next point.

Element #2: Don’t Play for the Sake of Play

Have you ever heard that the national football team of any country plays the world cup for the spirit of the game only? Again an abstract thought. They train and play to win the damn thing.

If you are in the business just for the sake of doing nominal business, then you are doomed, my friend.

You need to get your mind right here. If you cannot dream of being successful, the half game is already lost.
Dream big and aim to higher goals. Let’s say you are an online grocery store, aim for higher sales, aim for even higher funds to get from mass funding ventures. Hire a banker, a motivated customer care team. You will see how positive it will be for your team also.

The company starts with you and your team counts on you. Show them how visionary is you and how you can do the business best with their actions. Motivation can do wonders, always keep your team motivated and positive by showcasing future goals that can transform their life.

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Element #3: Efficient team Is Always Talkative

How your team will work if they cannot work together? I have encountered many companies who pressurize their employees for maximum output. However, I haven’t seen any positive outcome, but it is still one of the preferred technique to keep their employees on the heels.

If you too believe that then get out of here, man, this is no way to feed creativity and motivation to your team. Your team needs to talk to each other. There will be tasks in the future where they will collaborate with each other and then work on wonders. If you resist them now, you are only barring your own business’s success.

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Element #4: Your Work Culture Will Decide Your Success In Future

In every startup, you need to take fast track decisions and actions on the work culture you will adapt while working. You have to define roles for your team and design which responsibility will be handled by whom. There is one better way to do that.

Go scout in the open. Attend tradeshows and seminars in different universities. Communicate your idea, which is incredible, and you will see how these future robust team members of your dream team will attract automatically. That’s how you will identify them with ease and assurance as well.

Element #5: Game Management Approach

The final element you need in your successful startup dedicated team is a healthy competition. Now the question is how you will motivate your team members to compete with each other without losing the collaborative element we discussed in element #3.

The answer to that is simple. You follow the game management. It is one of the best methods to maintain healthy competition and motivate your team to perform at its zenith. Bring some rewards up and appreciate them for their excellent work every month or every 15 days.

This reward method needs not to be only based on their work. You can target their passions. Someone in your team may love sports or some other extra co-curricular activity. Arrange a competition in that and lit up their passion. Once you do that with them (& Their Passion), they will lift your success and bring your business to the ultimate success.

Learned Anything?

So, what do you think about these elements? They seem basic, but they are often overlooked by everyone. What do you think a successful startup in India works on? What’s your go in this? Tell me all about it in the comments section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheerio till then fellas!!!

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