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8 Dedicated Team Members You Need to Hire to Start Up a Business

Every startup needs a good idea but what is it that sustains the idea and makes it work? A dedicated team. No business has ever flourished only because of a great plan, it needs the right execution to turn it into a revenue-generating company. A group of people who focus on accomplishing goals makes a dream team.

For building a start-up team it is crucial to be selective and strategic about the people you hire. The ability to think on your feet is an essential asset in such a competitive field.

You also need a dedicated team which can come up with creative ideas and is efficient in problem-solving. All the team members must aim towards a common goal of creating a product that surpasses their client’s expectations. An ideal startup team structure should be such where each person is specialized in their own field hence increasing the productivity.

Finalising a startup team structure takes a lot of effort, time and funds. Any business idea is received well in the market if it has the first mover’s advantage. To have that means getting a strong foothold of the market and getting a large market share that has never been exposed to a business opportunity as presented by you.

This makes a time of utmost significance in the greater scheme of things. Hence, outsourcing comes into play. Outsourcing ensures that you get a timely head start despite the fact that you might not have your dedicated team members in place.

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You can go about hiring a dedicated team while your product is in the making via an outsourced yet dedicated development team. Outsourcing not only gives you a head start, but it also helps you focus on aspects that’ll gain significance in the time to come as your business grows and gains momentum.

Below we talk in detail about those 8 dedicated team members that will sculpt how your business functions.

Product Manager

A product manager can make or break your product. Instilling your vision in your product is what s/he aims to do. As he is primarily responsible for creating and administering your product, he should be well versed in the nuances of product development and enhancement. A product manager is usually a subject matter expert who understands your product and the needs of its target audience.

The product manager deals with the what and why of the product. A problem solver by nature, the product manager is the go-to person for all queries you or your development team may have.

Marketing generalist

Marketing generalist - Volumetree

A Marketing Generalist (MG) is highly organized and is able to handle multiple tasks at once if needed. S/he is resilient and is a source of continuous support to those around them. His/her ability to collaborate, build social relationships with their impeccable communication skills and problem-solving are essential assets.

The MG has exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, allowing him/her to manage projects and attract more clients to their brand. He is able to think critically and is a quick but good decision maker. The MG is result oriented focuses on getting things done ASAP.

Conducting market research to be able to live up to the client’s requirements and creatively strategized marketing campaigns are the services s/he provides. A person well versed with the latest marketing trends and who is a strategic thinker is perfect for this position.

Sales Representative

Once your startup has a product to sell and a marketing pitch, the next member of the development team is the Sales Representative. The most important duty of a Sales rep is to positively meet and/or exceed sales goals.

Maintaining positive relations with clients to ensure further sales from them is also the Sales Representative’s responsibility. The Sales Rep understands the customer’s needs and pitches them the most suitable product. Satisfying the customer’s requirements is what he aims to do instead of aimlessly selling any product to the customer.

Technical Team

Technical Team - Volumetree

A technical team may include engineers, maintenance personnel, emergency providers, etc. The project manager is responsible for putting together a technical team. A technical team leads with the company values. Understanding the customer’s needs and bringing to life the vision of the customer is what the team is supposed to do. Being quality is driven by nature the team gets all the work done efficiently.

The product manager is also a part of the technical team. Prioritizing the needs of the customer is what the technical team does. Coordinating with the other agencies is also the technical team’s work. Presenting the final copy or the final product to the Project Leadership Team is also their duty.

Customer Support Representative(CSR): A Customer Support Representative acts as a liaison between the startup and the customer. Any product-related query, problems with efficiency and accuracy of the service or product is handled by the CSR. They attract customers by acknowledging and resolving customer complaints asap; ensuring customer satisfaction and providing professional customer support.

Building relationships through open and interactive communication helps gather more customers. Providing appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits and following up to ensure their problem has been solved helps build stronger relationships with customers.

Financial Analyst: A Financial Analyst is responsible for the financial planning of a company, helping it make informed economical decisions. Financial Analyst plans budgets for future expenditures. Analyzing past records and suggesting better methods for improvements is a major role that a financial analyst has to play.

Financial Analyst - Volumetree


They play a role in assessing the present value and future business abilities. Spreadsheets help to give a clear interpretation of the statistics. Collecting data to make reports on the current financial status of the company and the financial risks it may be threatened by are all handled by a financial analyst. Carrying out business studies based on the company’s past and present performances to further developing potential models for the future.

Human Resource Professional: The work of a Human Resource Professional begins when a position in the company needs an occupant. As strategic partners, they develop and execute corporate objectives.

A Human Resource Professional is usually involved in hiring employees. Apart from this, they focus on employee satisfaction and a healthy work environment. They make sure everything runs efficiently in the workspace. HR specialists may be called upon to do the following:

  1. Interviewing applicants
  2. Conducting training sessions
  3. Analyzing job duties
  4. Maintaining records of employee participation in sessions
  5. Assisting employees in their grievances

Accountant: An accountant is a great asset to have in your team. It gets a little overwhelming to handle the conception of a startup. Followed by planning and creating a team that gets behind it as well as the money involved in the entire process.

Accountant - Volumetree

The company’s accountant uses receipts and other documents to verify and process transactions, record and analyse financial information, communicate with lenders, clients, and suppliers, and assist with daily, monthly, and yearly accounting activities and projects.

They make sure your receipts are filed, your company is taxed where and when needed, adherence to all the financial laws is in order and no penalties are in sight. Furthermore, accountants can advise regarding investments, planning budgets for the year ahead and alert you regarding the expenses if they get overboard.

Now that we’ve enlisted the dedicated team members that form the core of your startup. We can review them and see which of these functions can be outsourced. Presently there are many functions that can be outsourced from financial experts to hiring experts, to development teams, even R&D and legal outsourcing teams. The outsourcing industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the world platform.

Outsourcing is a popular choice because of a number of benefits it entails such as cost efficiency, to customer service, world best intellectual internet resources, as well as multi-lingual capabilities amongst several others.

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Outsourcing enables a startup to invest more time and money into the core components of the company without compromising on quality. A popular choice amongst startups when it comes to outsourcing is dedicated app development partners and customer service representative teams.

We all know the go-getters of the team and the ones who drive the buck home are the salespeople. When a small business takes flight, the initial aim is to get revenue and sustain yourself. Which means sales is the be all, end all in that phase. Revenue is revered and rightly so, getting paid gets things done and keeps the venture afloat. However, it’s not just the sales people that hold significance in a startup team.

A great startup team is one with all the cogs aligned perfectly to run a process with ease. This can only happen if the cogs, i.e team-members of a startup are hand-picked to serve their designated job descriptions.

Some qualities stand out and are essential in team members that get the ball rolling for a startup.


essential in team members - Volumetree

The Farsighted one: S/he is creative, never short of imagination and someone who leads with an original thought. They never plan for ‘the now’ and are always prepared for the worst in the longer run.

An innate leader, with ideas that speak for themselves, people tend to hang on to their words as they possess the gift of gab. They understand the need for great risk-taking and know its benefits. This person is of great value to the startup because without a dream to be bigger and better, without ambition, there would be no goals to work towards.

The Methodical one: S/he has a methodology that sets the pace of the startup. This person knows the power behind efficient work, they know what happens when half-done processes lead to. You could find them talking of mind maps, workflows and wanting a process-driven approach in all things no matter how big or small.

The reason behind that is, once a process is broken down into smaller steps, or functions, it doesn’t remain as daunting and is pieced into tiny, manageable tasks. Following the process will help one complete a process in a lot less time as compared to when dealing with one where one has to figure out where to get started from. The organization is key, once that is accomplished the work derived will for certain be efficient and of great quality.

The Product Whiz: S/he dons the hat of a virtuoso for one reason and one reason only – their impressive technical skills. You name a language new or old from the computer world and they know it. This person should know the product at hand inside-out.

Anyone who has any questions about the product should be directed to this person. Their passion for problem solving and learning is so blatant and absolute it cannot be hidden.

They are you go to a team member when a situation that is proving to be difficult to handle presents itself. Their latent thinking and problem-solving approach will be a great asset when times get rough, which frankly is just another day at work in the startup world.

The Innovator: Here is the team-mate whose work begins as soon as there is a product or service in place. Think socialite meets data nerd. This person is the walking talking promotional activity for your startup.

S/he meets people talk about your products or services or generates discussions that end up discussing your startup. They come from a well-informed place, they don’t just talk the talk but support what they say with numbers and figures.

The Innovator - Volumetree

This team-mate eats, breathes and lives for analytics. A seasoned strategist, this person seeks to know customer behaviors and patterns that can reflect a dip or rise in the sales of the company’s product or service. Once they have touched that nerve, figuring out what is to be communicated to the audience and how to do it becomes quite easy for them.

With a mind that churns strategy and analytics, the evolutionist is also very creative and curious about the competition that shows itself as well as the one that lurks in the shadows gathering momentum. Knowledge is power, and the evolutionist knows how to use it.

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The Finance Wonder: S/He’s tight handed with the money and one day you’ll thank him/her for it. So you’re in the thick of building a startup. Money is going out more than it’s coming in right now. It’s hard to keep track of what went where and to whom, for what, when… it’s all a big blur. There is an account to keep tabs on things but who keeps tabs on the accountant? This team-mate.

Investments, keeping a tab on them and a hawk’s eye on payments both that need to go out and those that need to come in. Staying in touch with investors and giving them a due report on how things are panning out is another crucial role that the finance wonder executes.

Keeping the accountants on their toes and thinking of ways to drive more revenue, or investing the company profits in a way that’s in the company’s best interest is this person’s goal.

The phrase ‘A chain is as strong as its weakest link’ can be reflected upon when assembling a startup. The initial stage of hiring is crucial and forms a team that will help build a startup from the ground up, and each one of those team members should be able to hit the ground running.

Reflection and self-awareness will act as assets when building a high-performance team. Focus on people with great skill sets and an even better work ethic, these will be the building blocks of the startup. Skills and good work ethic are the only things standing between downfall and a temporary dip when times are tough on a company.

Hire employees who are invested in your vision and cause behind creating the company. Once you have a team working towards a singular goal with a great set of skills to boost them, the only way to go is up from there.

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