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Get drugs online (the good kind)

Online Pharmacy Delivery At Home
Here’s a question: why wasn’t something as essential as medicine available online before the pandemic?

Amidst the adversity that overtook the world, technology is what saved our faces. New business models came up, including ones that make healthcare more accessible.

Online pharmacies are a brilliant example of it, and
here's everything you need to know to start your own.
One day at a time
Take a deep breath and relax
Say it with me: “Om, om, om”

That’s right, meditation, but online.

Apps like Calm and Headspace are making meditation easier for the modern-day, anxiety-ridden individual who barely gets time for personal wellness.

These apps are so good, they let you squeeze in a quick meditation session right at your work desk. And needless to say, they’re creating more demand for similar wellness apps.

Here’s how you can build an app like Calm.
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