Expert Guide to How Cameo Celebrity App Works (All Features Explained)
Cameo celebrity app features

How Cameo Makes Fans Happy and Celebrities Rich – [Features Explained]

The extras are now the essentials!

Now that we know what the Cameo celebrity app is, it is important to know what the must-haves are in an app like this, and how the Cameo app works. Engaging celebrity shoutout apps like Cameo need to be feature-laden so that users stick. At the same time, these apps must be easy to use, and not cluttered so the users don’t feel overwhelmed.

Your questions about Cameo — are answered!

Writing my first blog about the Cameo app helped me uncover how this app works. It also helped me write this blog in a way that I am able to answer all the questions I received from our readers, and also provide useful insights to help you know more about how the Cameo celebrity app works.

How does the Cameo celebrity app work?

This is possibly the second-most frequently asked question from our readers. The cameo celebrity app is based on a very simple idea—the app allows you to pay for and book a personalized shout-out from your favorite celebrity for any occasion.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Create an account on the Cameo celebrity app.
  2. Log in and visit their marketplace to find a celebrity.
  3. Choose the celebrity or Talent you wish to request the cameo personalized video or cameo personalized celebrity shoutout from and fill out a request form describing what you want them to do in 250 characters or less.
  4. Pay for your request using your credit card, PayPal or Cameo Credits (Cameo credits are for US residents only).
  5. Wait for up to 7 days for the celebrity to accept your request.

That’s it! Once the celebrity accepts your request, you will get a link to the video on your registered phone number or email address when it is recorded. You can download and keep this video forever or share it as you please. If your request is not accepted, you get a refund in your wallet.

How does Cameo’s DM feature work?

A very recently-added feature, Cameo DMs let you send a paid DM to your favorite celebrity for a small fee. With Cameo DMs, you can be sure that your celebrity will see it! Although a response is not guaranteed, most celebrities respond to paid DMs.

How does Cameo Live work?

Imagine getting to meet your favorite celebrity with 4 of your friends for 10 minutes! A Cameo Live Experience is just that, and more. All you need is a phone or computer with the Zoom video conferencing application and you’re set. Find, pay and book the celebrity you wish to interact with up to a week in advance, call your friends online for the zoom call and have fun!

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How many followers do you need to be on Cameo?

Got more than 20,000 followers on Instagram? You’re all set to be a celebrity on Cameo. Just fill out a Cameo Talent request and you can be listed on Cameo as soon as your profile is accepted.

How do you make money on Cameo?

If you’re a celebrity on Cameo, you can make money with Cameo requests, Cameo Live Experiences, Cameo DMs, paid promotions, and more. To put this into numbers, one Cameo video only takes about 30 seconds of your time. If you charge $100 and complete 15 cameos, you can earn around $1,125 in just 7.5 minutes!

How much does a cameo message cost?

Cameo videos and DMs start at $1 and can go as high as $2500 for high-profile celebrities. Cameo DM messages are cheaper than video requests. To put things into perspective, a video from Paul Abdul sets you back by $225, but a DM sent to her only costs $9.99.

How do I pay for a Cameo video?

You can pay for a Cameo celebrity video using your credit/debit card, PayPal or through Cameo Credits (Cameo credits are for US residents only).

How do I request a cameo?

  1. Choose the celebrity or Talent you like and fill out a request form describing what you want them to do in 250 characters.
  2. Pay for your request using a supported payment method.

That’s it! Once the celebrity accepts your request, you will get a link to the video on your registered phone number or email address when it is recorded.

How long can I keep a cameo video?

Every Cameo video you request comes with a non-commercial and personal license to use it forever.

Is cameo safe to use?

Cameo is as safe as most online apps, however, you must ensure that you log in and out of the app if you’re using it on non-personal devices. For most apps, our teams divide features into nice-to-haves and must-haves before they begin application development. These features drive the app and its functionality. Must-have features are the essentials without which the app will not be interesting enough for a user to use.

Must-haves for an app like Cameo

Here is the list of the most important features of an app like Cameo:

  1. Personalized video streaming: Also known as one-on-one video streaming is a very important feature for an app like Cameo. This feature allows you to have a video chat with the celebrity of your choice, giving you the capability to be with the stars you love, albeit virtually. Things to note here are how the Cameo app allows users to mute and unmute their mic, turn their video on and off, and show their screen to the other user. The video must be of high quality but should also be optimized for slower internet connections.
  2. Celebrity profiles: Through celebrity profiles you can learn more about the celebrity before getting a video made from them. Celebrity profiles must also include the cost of booking the talent, how long they take to respond, reviews from other users, and videos that they might have made public.
  3. Sharing videos publicly: A public feed is an important feature as it can help build a community of fans and users. People can also view videos made by celebrities that other users may have made public through these feeds. This feature is similar to Instagram reels and TikTok.
  4. Comments and interactions: Comments will help your community of fans to discuss, debate, and interact with other fans and celebrities. Fans can also ask celebrities questions about upcoming videos or anything else they are curious about. This feature also promotes engagement between celebrities and fans.
  5. Geolocation: Sometimes people resonate more with regional celebrities than international ones. Geo-location services help users to find celebrities that they like or celebrities near them.
  6. Notifications: Push notifications are important as they help users know what is happening in real-time. For instance, if your favorite celebrity is online right now, a push notification can keep you in the know. Additionally, push notifications can alert users about new messages, updates, invite to chat, and much more.

Although the list of features can be endless, you need to get your initial feature set right. This initial set of features will be your MVP or Minimum Viable Product which will help you test the waters before you take the plunge. With the right user experience, a feature set that solves user problems, and masterful MVP development skills, your app will be on its way to being a blockbuster!

What’s next?

After I wrote my first blog, some of our readers asked me if I can help them make an app like Cameo that is a cameo app clone, and how to find the right skill set to build a similar app. I’m turning the answers to these questions into my next blog.

My next blog will also answer the most important question on a startup founder’s mind: the cost of building an app like Cameo. Stay tuned!

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