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Why is data science critical?

New-world problems need new world solutions. Data science is the alchemy of today, turning vast amounts of data into meaningful information. Today, reaching the right audience at the right time is extremely critical. With high churn rates for apps, data science makes more sense than ever, providing you the insights you need. Make Data science your competitive edge. As an example, Facebook understands that having at least ten friends will ensure that a user stays on website. Their data science is primarily focused on finding you new friends so that you continue to stay on the website.

Why do I need data science?

Data science offers something for everyone. From risk and fraud management to delivering the right advertising to the right audience and personalizing customer experiences, data science can help your product become the next buzzword on the internet.

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What do we offer?


Machine Learning

Machine learning helps your product get smarter as it is used more and more. Using applied artificial intelligence at its core, machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to improve the content that they offer. We can help your programs offer more to your users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the design and creation of products that work and reacts like humans without human interference, reducing errors and increasing accuracy. Artificial intelligence based systems learn, thinks and improve over time. Contact us to help you make your programs smarter

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data analytics helps you analyze the data that you gather from and about how your product is used to make well informed business decisions. We can help you gather analytics and make business decisions that work.

Types of solutions

Supply and demand based analytics: acquisition, retention

In today’s fast paced world, customers switch providers faster than shoes. Analytics can help you gain valuable insights into product demand and supply, helping you target customer locations where the penetration is low and demand high. This further lowers the product churn rate and the cost of customer acquisition. Informed decisions help you retain new customers and not just increase download count.

Image and video analytics

With billions of images and a nearly equal amount of videos being shared every day, it is imperative that organizations focus their energy on analytics of digital media like images and video. Generation and analysis of media assets and derivation of actionable insights from them is important to design better and innovative solutions to boost productivity and inspire customer loyalty.

Geolocation based analytics

Location based analytics help you look at your marketing activities and product offering in a new light. Location based analytics can increase the tactical refinement of marketing operations at local, national and international levels exponentially, providing increased control and deep insights into customer behaviour.

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Data science and analytics is applicable and relevant to nearly every industry today. From advances in patient behaviour analysis in healthcare to reducing fraud and risk management in insurance to travel analytics and marketing, data science can help virtually any industry vertical gain insights into their business like never before.

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