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Proof of Concept!

It is important to test the waters before you take the plunge. We help you with market research and customer validation to ensure that your product solves a problem the way users want it solved. Your bare-minimum product must tick all the boxes in your customer’s must-have list.

Speed and Cost are critically important here.

The most important feedback for a product that is under development is from its users. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of the internet and the mobile world mandates that product development is driven by customer feedback. The success of a product and its business model depends on what your customers feel about your product.

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Journey to establish a start-up!

  • Ideation (About a certain industry, people)
  • Identification of problem statements (gaps or improvements to bring about)
  • Solutions
  • Market research (studying current processes, competitors,market scope)
  • Assessing business opportunity
  • Prototyping and MVP development
  • Feedback, results and iterations

Our Product development consultants.

Our team of highly experienced and driven product consultants will guide you on every step of your way to create a minimum viable product. Our goal is to ensure that your product solves the problems of the users the way they want it solved.

Startup Partnership

“We invest, we share and we partner up!”

This is to demonstrate our commitment in-addition to sharing ownership in the entire product journey of companies.

10+Startups around the world

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How to get from ideations to testing waters?

Our approach is to build a product that solves the immediate need of your customers. We work on the must-have list first and then build on the feature set.

We analyze all the requirements of your project thoroughly. As our view of your project is objective, we can easily find problems and limitations with the product and the business model. This ensures your final product is well planned and your business strategy is streamlined.

1Understanding the key stakeholders!

  • Understanding the business user base and the objectives of the product.
  • Understanding the current challenges or problems faced by them.
  • Competition or references.
  • Understanding the user type: B2B or B2B2C or B2C
  • Understanding the business model and the monetization capability of the product.

2Technical Analysis!

  • Analyzing the technical feasibility of the solution
  • Figuring out any 3rd party tools or platforms
  • Gaining a high level understanding of product architecture and complexity.
  • Providing tentative timelines.

3Blueprints and walkthroughs!

  • Identify the project flow and use cases
  • Prepare wireframes
  • Create an audio and video walkthroughs (this is extremely helpful in explaining the requirements to a customer)
  • Preparing designs to showcase the user interface of the end product

4Functional requirement document!

  • Detailing down flow for the project
  • Planning delivery milestones of working builds the exact 3rd party tools

5Development and testing!

  • Building the system architecture and creating the database schema
  • Creating the user interfaces
  • Sanity, functional, usability and regression testing
  • Multi-device testing & Multi-browser testing

6Launch and post-launch!

  • Sign-off from the development and testing teams
  • Final deployment on live channels: The App store, the Google Play store or on the web
  • Post-go live support
  • Project handover, documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Iterating and scaling product

Should you take the plunge? Thinking of creating the product of your dreams?

We advocate entrepreneurship and believe that every startup or business should test their product ideas against their actual users. Your prospective user base can give you the answers that no one can theoretically provide to you.

Do you feel that your product is the next best thing after sliced bread?

Can your product solve a problem in an innovative way? Wonderful!

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