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Why is there a need for dedicated teams?

For any tech business, technology growth is of the utmost importance for the growth of the company.

Our suggestion for late stage startups or for companies that have large projects is that: outsourcing on a scope basis or functionality basis doesn’t really work as it restricts the dynamic needs of the business on a real time basis.

Also, it’s not something that can be foreseen until the situation actually arises. Plus, the absence of skilled teams can cause delays in the project leading to opportunity loss and financial losses!

A lot of you would have already faced the problems by outsourcing the development projects though, not getting the right consultation and taking action can lead to further failures!

Hence, hiring technical teams for full time has become a critical requirement for a lot of tech enabled businesses and strongly funded startups.

Key benefits of having dedicated team members:


Full time access over the team to take over the development needs of the business. There is a restrictions on scope or functionality creation. The team creates as the project requirements.

Reduced cost of investment

This engagement eliminates the cost of finding and choosing resources! Further, it reduces the cost of benefits that you would offer a permanent employee: sickness benefit, holiday pay, insurance pay and other benefits.

Regular updates

Our team members provide weekly updates along with weekly meetings with the team


Based on the demanding need of the project, you can always scale up the teams required for the project on a contract basis.

“Dedicated Team Model Engagements”

We offer this engagement to our clients and partners who are seeking dedicated resources to work on their projects

Remote teams

After learning about the project requirements, we hand-pick the best suitable candidates for the profile, who work as an extension to your teams and work fully with your business. Weekly updates and team meetings are held to make sure the vision and project goals are aligned to each other.

Onsite + Offsite teams

This is a model wherein the distribution of team members happen in a fashion wherein some of the resources are stationed at your location(project managers, solution architects) and the actual execution is carried out by the offshore developers, making it a more cost efficient approach.

Onsite teams

This is the case wherein a dedicated team is selected as per the project requirements and is situated in your location to dedicatedly and exclusively work on your project. Not just this, they interact with our in-house teams to discuss any challenges or processes that might help in overall growth of the business.

Cost effective approach!

We do understand that not everyone can afford an entire team and wants to take different approach, which is why we suggest that only the most critical team members be hired full time and rest be worked on an on-demand model.

Get your own team, now!​

Mobile technology:​

  • iOS developer (Swift)
  • iOS developer (Objective C)
  • Android Developers
  • React native developers

Web technology:​

  • Java developers
  • Angular Js
  • MEAN stack developers
  • WordPress developers
  • Node.Js developers

Quality Assurance:​​

  • Mobile app tester
  • Manual tester
  • Mobile test automation

UI and UX:​​

  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer

Criteria for associating dedicated teams

In the first stages of interaction itself, we take a deep dive into learning about the project requirements. We then look for the attributes for the all of the candidates that would best fit for the project: industry experience, skill sets, scale of project and domain expertise. With the right blend of technical expertise and business acumen from our side, the best plans are crafted to give your business the success it truly deserves!

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