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Reasons To Redesign Your Website

6 Reasons To Redesign Your Website Today

In the digital world of today, there is no better salesperson for your company than your corporate website. As the reach of the internet grows by the hour, more people search for companies and their details online than ever before. Having a good website or getting your website redesigned is of utmost importance.

A good looking, easy to use and responsive website that works well on most platforms is what most users prefer because it is easier for those websites to be displayed on the device of the user’s choice.

Most companies do have a website, but little thought is put into keeping it up to date. As user research nowadays is determined by a company’s website, if you have an outdated site, the impression a user may have of the company would be derived not from their product, but from their website.

Corporates worldwide spend many hours of thought into ensuring that relevant content is delivered to website users at the right time, ensuring that customers can find what they want quickly and with the least amount of pain and running around.

Updating a website would usually be a constant effort. Though, there would be a time when you would essentially have to think about your redesign website from scratch. With reasons ranging from the website looking outdated or old to navigational or other user interface problems and content delivery mechanisms.

Here is a low-down of why you should redesign the website of your company:

1. User experience

The first and foremost reason to redesign your corporate website would be to enhance and improve the user experience while browsing through the website. In fact, according to a survey by InVision, over 80% of online consumers are less likely to come back to your website after a bad experience.

No matter how many bells and whistles your website contains or offers. If the user experience across platforms and devices is not seamless, users might just abandon the website and move to your competition.

With mobile users overshadowing desktop computer users by at least 10 to 1, it is imperative that your mobile website user experience should be as good or better as your desktop website experience.

Responsiveness, ease of navigation, modern design, and up-to-date components are what users need to ensure that they can get what they want, when they want, in the device that they want.

2. Search engine optimization and website performance

So, you have a great website but if no one can find it, it would not be of much use. It is necessary to ensure that your website is optimized and contains high value and keyword-rich content. It ensures that your site shows up at the top of the search rankings also.

SEO optimization goes a long way in ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the competition always. A website that shows up will increase the number of hits, directly translating into increased business and improving the credibility of the company.

The speed at which your website loads is another important aspect. Slow-loading websites can cause you to lose visitors even if the quality of content and the visual impact striking. Users might get bored waiting for the site content to load. Thus, abandoning your site for that of your competitors, resulting in loss of revenue and conversions.

Learn How to make your business website stands out!

3. Showcasing your brand’s perception

If your website does not focus on your brand values and does not showcase your brand accurately, you might not be on a level playing field as your competitors. A brand image that is stronger can showcase a smaller business with its larger counterparts.

Capturing the essence of a brand on its most important visiting card – the website; is as important as the brand itself. If your website displays your brand image as well as your company itself, your authenticity is enhanced tenfold.

4. Alignment with your current marketing strategy

Marketing on social media channels and offline channels is an effective way to gather traction about your company. The marketing approach might soon lose steam if your website is not geared up for this approach.

The audience on the web has matured after being exposed to the internet for over twenty years. Having a website online is no longer the right thing to do.

What would have worked with just a contact form ten years ago will now fail to garner attention. As your approach towards marketing and the expectations of the citizens of the web change.

Whether it is a poorly designed call to action or outdated content, keeping your website aligned with your marketing strategy and business goals is as important as the marketing strategy itself.

5. Website security

As the world becomes a better-connected place, it creates a new set of problems and concerns for itself. Security, privacy and data sanctity are of the utmost importance to users and they should be to the information contained on your website.

Older and outdated gets infected by malware as the website poses security risks. Your website may get prone to attacks by hackers, posing security risks, leaking sensitive information and reducing the overall credibility of your brand.

Securing your website with a certificate and ensuring that you use up-to-date technology and a reliable web hosting provider is the way to go.

6. Difficult to maintain and update

If you find your website difficult to maintain, it is high time that you work on an update for your website. Traffic to the website usually relies on content. If this content cannot be updated by those who have access, you are losing out on potential visitors and leads.
Over the world, marketing teams are now creating websites that can be edited and updated on the move. This ensures that you never run out of relevant, engaging content and stay at the top of the competition.

Most users will move away from websites that are slow, cumbersome and outdated.
Having a relevant, up to date, responsive and engaging website is the need of the hour.

Website visitors are impatient. With their interest span towards the loading speed, content quality and relativeness being around 8 seconds on an average, your website bounce rates and lead generation capability are in your hands.

What happens if you have visitors on your website and your website goes down? For such critical situations, you also need to be prepared for website downtimes.

Allocate enough resources to this critical aspect of your business to ensure steady returns and a loyal customer base that stays.

At Volumetree, we are driven by our client’s needs and are committed to the timelines we agree to. Contact us if you want your website revamped.

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