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Agile Methodology

Agile provides an environment and a framework which is adaptable and gives predictable results with quantifiable data. Agile helps us break down the project into workable models. We provide updates to the product by adding new functionalities at regular intervals, which are planned as per business priorities.

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Benefits of Agile!

  • First hand experience of the product from early stages of product creation.
  • Predictable costs and schedules.
  • Flexible to handle changes.
  • Improved quality.

Product Creation Process


  • Signing NDA’s
  • Functional requirement documentation for the development teams
  • User persona document created
  • Rough wire framing to understand user journeys
  • Audio and visual walkthroughs of the wireframes to cover user stories

02Project Initiation

  • Introductions to the team working on the project
  • Functional requirement documentation for the development teams
  • User persona document created

03Design creation

  • Creation of designs for the product
  • Multiple-rounds of iteration
  • Design finalization
  • Server and 3rd party setup
  • Sprint planning
  • System architecture and DB schema of the product


  • Building the app and web UIs
  • API integrations
  • Unit testing by the developers
  • Customer validations through working prototypes
  • Changes

05Code audits & checks

  • Checks and coding standards are checked by our senior team members and our CTO
  • Performance tools are placed to keep a regular check on the system


  • Unit testing, smoke testing, functional testing and regression testing
  • Load testing
  • Multi-device testing: multiple phones of different sizes and OS versions
  • Multi-browser testing: Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome


  • Checklist for the store publishing (app store, play store)
  • Hosting and live server setup for web systems
  • Performance check systems are made live
  • Free support initiated

08Post Launch

  • Annual maintenance support
  • Constant evolution on the product (product enhancements)
  • Data-analytics
  • Consultancy for future growth

Communication is the key to success!

The initial stages of the product are the most critical wherein we require constant feedback and brainstorming with you.

We expect and highly recommend that the communication between your team and our project is the highest! In most cases, the project leads travel to your location or you visit our beautiful country to meet with the teams.

Some of the tools that we use for handling communication

Google docs
Google drive
Google sheets
WhatsApp chat