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Who do we work with?

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Device manufacturers

We work with device manufacturers to help them enhance their products so they stay relevant in today’s connected world. Creating smarter products for homes, workplaces, retail and other industries like travel and transportation is now a necessity.


IOT platform providers

With the staggering number of IOT services available today and all of them offering nearly the same services, how do you choose? We can help you harness the power of IOT by working with you to find the services you need.

What do we offer?

IOT Development

Power the next generation of connected products with our IOT development services. Our innovative development services couple hardware and software technologies to deliver cutting edge performance.

IOT Integrations

Our engineering and integration services let you focus on the ideation while we take care of the nitty-gritty.

Data Analytics

Data analytics helps smart devices get smarter! We can help you to leverage the power of the Internet of Things and machine learning to help create better connected and even more intelligent devices.


IOT is in demand everywhere today. From remote patient monitoring and connected medical devices in healthcare to tracking fleets and ensuring the safety of drivers in the automotive industry to smarter homes, workplaces and retail businesses, IOT has managed to make an impact and have its presence felt in nearly each industry today.

Let’s connect to build your IOT solution

Our team of seasoned designers focus purely on your user-base and add in the flavours of simplicity.


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