7 Simple Tricks To Add Real-Time Mobile App Features
Real-Time Mobile App Features

7 Tricks To Add Real-Time Features In Your Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when people use to send letters to their loved ones living in far-flung areas and wait for their response for days. With technological advancement, everything has become easy and approachable. With the advent of mobile applications, everything is just a click away. But just having a mobile application is not enough to compete in the world with such cut-throat competition.

To match the pace of growing competition, real-time features in applications are added. The real-time features in mobile applications help in delivering information to the users in actual time scenario.

For instance, instant messaging applications have seen a massive rise in its use. Presently, both small and large scale companies are incorporating such real-time features in their business applications. The businesses add such features with an aim to strengthen the connectivity.

Now-days all genres like travel, fashion, food, transportation, healthcare, and media are making use of such features.

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In order to add real-time features in your mobile application, go through the following. By making use of the below-mentioned tricks, your business will benefit manifold. So, the trick is to add some of the following features in the business mobile application:

Push notifications for both web, mobile apps

It has become important for businesses to stay connected with their potential users and consumers. The feature of push notifications is one which can be used in both web and mobile applications.

Also, this mechanism comes handy when brands need to make consumers aware of the new service or latest products. To keep consumers up-to-date, business houses use such features to increase the retention rate.

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Multi-user collaboration

As the name itself suggests, number of people at a time can operate through this feature. One can edit, add, update or delete data simultaneously. This feature assists the team members as they tend to find the task easier when they execute it.

Not just this, people can also provide feedback instantly. At a time multiple users can operate from varied locations. For instance, the google docs’ application is the typical real-time app. Other than this, Google Slides and Google spreadsheets have also gained popularity over the period of time.

Real-time feed

Many social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram use this feature. By this feature, the users get updated with new content published on the platform. In this manner, they do not miss out on anything important. So, this real-time feature has proved to be one of the best features.

Real-time messages

This feature is good for all those who like to communicate faster. Real-time messages are an indispensable feature and are now being used for many business applications. Not just it helps in speedy communication but also assists in sharing files and documents.

Apart from this, the users can also engage in video and voice calls, multiple group chats. This feature has enhanced direct interactivity between the business and the user. So, this is also one of the ways by which you can add real-time features in a mobile application.

Live order status

Food, online shopping (apparels, footwear, accessories etc.) makes use of this feature. Live order status helps the consumer in tracking the order. Companies make use of GPS to enhance the overall experience of the user.

This feature not only helps in tracking the order but the user can communicate with the required service provider too. This feature also strengthens user engagement and increases credibility.

This feature also comes with additional features like push notifications and location tracking. By all the above-mentioned process, the transparency of the business increases.

Live data streaming

This feature has turned out to be a popular one. Various fields are integrating this feature in their application. Fields like logistics, transportation, real estate, entertainment and others are using this feature primarily.

This feature is extremely important in gaming applications specifically. With the help of this feature, the applications are able to create and deliver data to the users for deep interactions.

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Integration of IoT Devices

Internet of things is one another feature which refines the experience of the end-users. Have a look at the process how IoT functions in mobile applications:

Sensors: Primarily the IoT’s collect data from all the required sources

Connectivity: Wi-Fi is used to send the data to the cloud storage

Processing: IoT software analyses the data

User interface: Users get the analysed data as a final product

In case the dispatched information is incorrect, the users get alerts through mobile application notifications, emails and text messages.

Benefits of real-time features in an application

Here are some of the reasons why one should add real-time features on mobile applications:

User engagement: The applications which have real-time features have a greater degree of user engagement. For instance, a user can chat as well as book a ride or order anything.

Connect with other users at a time: One can follow friends, share live location, a message at the same time.

Focus on core competencies: Main areas are given due attention which includes upgraded innovative features, interactive user experience, etc.

To sum up, the core objective of real-time mobile applications is to provide coherent information to users. Also, it aims to provide information in the real-time.

Without any doubt, the communication process is strengthened. For any business to be successful, it is important to have a seamless user and marketer interaction. The real-time features serve the purpose of both user and marketer.

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