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Volumetree And YouVenture

Volumetree And YouVenture Announce An Innovative Partnership To Empower startups globally

The partnership is set to empower early, growth stage and mature startups from ideation to launch.

The international startup market is bristling with activity and is expected to grow exponentially as empowered users seek new, innovative experiences.

Volumetree and YouVenture announced the establishment of a partnership to redefine the way startups can be nurtured to success.

This partnership will leverage Volumetree’s extensive experience in helping engineer ideas into reality coupled with YouVenture’s significant business network and access to capital.

Drawing on YouVenture’s leading-edge business experience and consumer insights, this partnership will help in motivating innovators to jump the entrepreneurial bandwagon by nurturing them from the ground up across Asia and MENA.

Drawing on the technical acumen of Volumetree and the extensive experience YouVenture has in creating and nurturing startups from the ground up, their partnership will help ideas turn into reality from the drawing board to the marketplace.

YouVenture will fund, nurture and help manage the ideators while Volumetree will manage the technical side of the story, helping innovators build the product the way they envisioned it.

Operating in similar spaces, the services of both companies will help to complement their offerings. Volumetree will offer IT/Consulting services which will help the innovators actually build their products and YouVenture will provide their managerial experience and financial backing that the company requires to actually bring their product to the masses.

As incomes in Asia and MENA surge, consumers are looking for newer and better products that can help them change their lifestyles for the better. This has given rise to a new breed of businesses – startups that focus on innovation to ensure that the meet the needs of a niche market that will disrupt the traditional offerings in the market.

Volumetree will benefit the companies that are funded by YouVenture by giving them the technical advantage they need to succeed. YouVenture will help assist and nurture startups that reach out to Volumetree for technical assistance to success.

“We are excited to join hands with Volumetree – combining our significant networks and access to capital, leading-edge business experience and consumer insights with their unparalleled technical expertise,” said Shahyan Merchant, Chief Executive Officer of YouVenture. “Together, we will work towards enriching and revitalizing the ideas of innovators and help them showcase their products to the world.”

“We admired YouVenture’s financial expertise and their deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of young companies,” said Shivam Gupta, Co-CEO of Volumetree. “By forming this partnership, we are pairing our technical expertise with YouVenture’s financial and managerial expertise and large startup base. With the growing number of entrepreneurs in the MENA region, this partnership will introduce our technical expertise to those regions, helping them create the products they envisioned.”

About Volumetree:

Volumetree’s mission is to be the trusted technology partner for businesses globally. Volumeree’s vision is to empower and work with companies and entrepreneurs who are driven to solve problems and cater to human needs. The company envisions that they will accomplish this by creating impactful user-friendly solutions, guiding entrepreneurs technically through their journey and bringing data based growth to organizations.

About YouVenture: 

YouVenture believes in helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. They empower businesses and startups as they design, build and launch their products to success. Helping businesses at all levels to ensure that they can see their products to success is their forte. With their experience in technology and business management, YouVenture is the partner you need to help you succeed.

Brief about the owners of both the firms

Shubham Kumar

Shubham is an alma mater of one of India’s finest institutions – the Indian Institute of Technology at New Delhi. With his technical and managerial skills honed with the finest brains of the country, Shubham can help figure out complex technical issues and provide innovative solutions to them.

His expertise is in helping businesses scale up using the power of analytics and data sciences. With a knack for business and a solid foundation in technology, Shubham can help you take your business to the next level.

Shivam Gupta

Shivam is a business strategist extraordinaire. With his ability to figure out what is going wrong and pulling the issue up by the bootstraps to create a feature out of it, he can help you understand your problems and find innovative solutions for them.

With his experience in the on-demand and marketplace business models, Shivam is the driving force behind his company, Volumetree. He heads collaborations, partner engagements, and business growth.

Khurram Deen

Khurram Deen is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of YouVenture. He is mainly responsible for technology evaluation, tech-based product development, and partnerships executions.

With over 15 years of experience as a multi-disciplinary engineer and a technologist, he spent 8 years with the world’s largest aerospace company – Boeing. He implemented two information technology innovations.

The first in the domain of knowledge sharing and the second in commercialized high-tech solar technology with the US government partner Dept. of Energy. Deen has supported several critical programs such as Delta rockets, JLTV (vehicles for US army), the 787 commercial airplanes, and cutting edge renewable technologies.

Deen holds an MBA and B.SC. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Irvine, and Pepperdine University respectively.

Shahyan Merchant Javed

Shahyan Merchant is Chief Executive and Co-Founder of YouVenture. He is responsible for formulating and leading the Company’s overall strategy and financing, originating and managing the Company’s investment portfolio and delivering on its growth plans.

With over 20 years of experience as a PE investor, corporate finance banker, and strategist in North American, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Shahyan’s broad experience has been repeatedly sought and recognized by industry leaders globally generating deals worth well over $12 B in diverse domains like Energy, Services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Healthcare, F&B, and Retail.

In his most recent role as the division Head for Saudi Aramco’s power investment portfolio, he acted as the chief investment, financial, strategy and business planning advisor to the senior management and Board members. He led the commercial charge and transformational strategy implementation towards a potential $10B Power asset business.

Shahyan holds an MBA and a B.Com degree from Canada’s most prestigious universities (Schulich School of Business, York University, and McGill University).

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