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Apple WWDC 2019: Biggest Announcements

The WWDC- 2019, Worldwide Developers Conference was something very specials for all Apple’s fans as the company has announced a lot of new features for its devices. In that four days Apple WWDC 2019 conference, Apple has made it clear that the company will bring a lot of changes in both its software and hardware segments.

Talking about some new features, apply has introduced some high-level privacy settings, a high-end Mac Pro, a dark mode of iOS 13, and a better OS of iPad and AirPods for Animoji. All the Apple mobile users will now enjoy some outstanding and amazing features through the latest iOS 13. Besides, computer users will get significant updates through new macOS Catalina.

Another exciting thing is Apple iPad will now run on its OS called iPad OS. On the other side, there is also a new feature where the users can use an iPad as a secondary display for the Mac, and now there will be thumb drive support.

The company has announced some new apps for the Apple Watch, for example, a period-tacking app named Cycle Tracking for women and a Noise app which can calculate the decibel level of the surrounding environment. It will warn the users when the level is dangerous for ears.

As most of the major companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have gone through severe privacy breach; Apple has enhanced its security features. These are security on the Maps apps, the developer can’t access the data, and it has improved the security feature of the home security. However, for now, the users can enjoy and beta version. The public and stable version will be there in the mid or end of July. For more information, you can follow Apple WWDC 2019 news. Now, let’s look at all the new announcement in details.

Apple Pro Display XDR

Apple is famous for producing expensive desktop computer. Well, you might be thinking that its new Mac Pro will be costlier too. However, its brand-new Pro Display XDR which will be introduced soon will cost you $5,000. There is a 32-inch HDR 6K resolution display which supports 6016 x 3384 resolution. Besides, the display supports true 10-bit, 1600 nits peal and 1000 nits sustained and perfect high contrast.

The screen has covered the front panel, and users can easily adjust its height and tilt. The Pro Display XDR will come with anti-glare coating. However, if you want to lower the glare and looking for a special textured edition. But for that, you will have to pay $6,000. Besides, there is a new Pro stand, which will cost you $1,000.

All new Mac Pro

If you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy a new computer, then new Mac Pro will be the best option for you.  This high-end computer desktop comes with an amazing metal design. Users can easily add and remove the component. As per the information was given by apple during Apple WWDC 2019, the new Mac Proc will come equipped with the Intel Xenon processor which support 28 cores.

Furthermore, it also has a high-end graphics card called Afterburn, which can run heavy applications smoothly. It is designed to accelerate video edition process and supports ProRes and ProRes Raw in 8K. You will get up to 1.5TB storage unit. However, there are ports through which you can expand the storage and connect other devices,

All new iOS 13

Finally, the dark mode is coming to Apple’s devices with its new iOS 13. Besides, it comes with a lot of new amazing features. It will be more power efficient and lower the app download sizes. You will enjoy a faster launching speed of apps.

Furthermore, there will be a swipe keyboard function using which users can type messages by sliding their fingers over the alphabets instead of trapping on the keys. Apple has also introduced some Memoji upgrades, and you will get automatic Memoji sticker packs. Besides, HomKit security also has improved. The app can now encrypt video from security cameras or smart doorbell. Mail, Safari, and Notes also get some minor updates. There will be a new Sign in With Apple features which will allow users to have good control over the information that they share.

The Maps will now offer more detailed information, but it will take time to get into the device. With the new OS, users will get new portrait lighting effects and new editing interface in photos. It supports rotation and filtrations of videos. There will also be a new auto-organization of the Camera Roll. Apple CarPlay has received a new dashboard. There are a lot more such features are now coming. So, get ready to explore them all. For more, you can go through Apple WWDC 2019 news. It is expected that all the new versions will be rolled out in the U.S. by the end of this year.

iPad OS

It seems that the new iPadOS comes with mouse support. The new OS comes equipped with some fantastic features which are designed for the iPad. By splitting the OS, Apple has offered the users a bigger screen. You can now pin widgets to your home screen, can do better and faster multitasking and can enjoy the new split screen feature.

Besides, now can easily drag and drop images and texts between two apps. There is a new feature for photographers, where they can now work with SD cards and USB drives. They can import image files from those external drives. The new iPad OS will be released very soon. With all such features, the iPad will feel like a laptop.

MacOS Catalina

Now MacOS has a name, i.e., Catalina. The new MacOS Catalina version 10.15 will replace the old iTunes with three apps named Apple TV, Apple Music, and Podcasts. The great thing about the Apple TV is it will support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. However, users still can enjoy access to podcasts, music, and video. It comes with a new app named Sidecar. Using this once can now connect the iPad as a secondary display.

You will be able to drag apps between you, Mac, and iPad. Another new feature is the assistive voice control. Users can now use voice commands to control different functions, such as typing and accessing apps. Apple has introduced the new Project Catalyst for iPad apps. Through this user can now port iPad apps to the MacOS. There will be no requirement for tweaking the apps using any software.

WatchOS 6

Now enjoy the calculator and voice memo on your wrist. As per Apple WWDC’s report, the new WatchOS 6 comes equipped with the new Apple Watch App Store through which you can now download Apple Watch Apps to your smartphone. You can review apps curated by editors of Apple, and you can see popular apps. You can even search for the apps by scribbling on the screen.

You will get some new faces for your Apple watch. There will be California dial, gradient face, digital face, and a solar face. The heating monitoring app and health apps will come with a redesigned look. All the new watchbands will be introduced during the summer.


Apple has not informed much about its TV OS in Apple WWDC. However, as per the report, the TVOS has received some minor upgrades. On the other side, Apple is planning to launch Apple Arcade cloud-based gaming service by the end of 2019. This will be compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. This is for gamers who have the Xbox One and Play Station 4 and don’t want to get a separate controller for Apple Arcade.

It seems that Apple is not bringing in all the features and new devices that its fans are waiting for a long time. Apple has made it clear during Apple WWDC 2019. The event was just great. The company has has done a massive announcement as the company introduced the high-end Mac Pro, better and faster iOS, amazing Apple TV, new apple watches, and iPad. All these will definitely impress the fans of Apple across the world. However, users will have to wait for some more time to get all these new features. If you have Apple devices, then get ready to taste them all.

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