Data-Driven Reasons Why Your Business Should Build a Mobile App
Data Driven Reasons why Mobile app for your business is the easiest way forward- Volumetree

Data-Driven Reasons You Should Build A Mobile App For Your Business

Fun Fact: Survey suggests, an average America checks their phone every 12 minutes. Advertising & Marketing is the crux of any business. Imagine all the marketing and advertising you would be doing if you could only successfully manage to get into your user’s phone!

Irrespective of where we go, everywhere we look people are glued into their phones. Getting into the phone is the only way of getting attention to your business.

Make sure you leverage this excellent platform to catalyze your business to the next level. Still unsure if mobile apps are the right way to get the sales ball rolling? Let us run you through 5 data-driven reasons why Mobile App for Your Business is the smartest way forward.

Mobile app downloads are expected to grow a whopping 25% from 2018 to 2022.

Apps are a great source of information about a product or service. It is also the quickest and easiest way to avail of a particular service. Make Money from Your Mobile App just by offering the right product and service to the right customer.

There is a global increase in the disposable income of individuals. People are more likely to invest in mobile phones and use apps to make life convenient. Everything from food, banking, to productivity tools are all just a download away.

This stands as proof of the fact that the expected increase in downloads is well justified. A 25% increase will result in better customer engagement opportunities. If your business is losing out on an opportunity such as this, it’s unlikely to find a substitute as great mobile apps with respect to ROI.

People tend to use an average of 30 apps per month, almost 9 apps daily. 

While the number of apps being downloaded maybe dramatically high, the number of apps people use daily is quite different. And yet, a significant number by itself. Studies suggest that an average smartphone user uses about 9 apps daily.

It is also estimated that almost 98% of all the revenue that is generated from apps are usually from free apps. More app usage translates to better customer conversations, better customer understanding, better customer data.

This data can be used to optimize your services, your products, and overall deliverance to the customer. Make sure these statistics work in your favor and leverage this to make an easy to effective app. Make the right Mobile App for Your Business and monetize away!

The global boom of the mobile app industry of about 27%

The mobile app industry is the fastest growing industry in the tech world. Developing countries around the world are witnessing this boom, especially Asian countries.

Considering almost 75% of the world is witnessing a mobile-enabled experience it is not surprising that this industry continues to grow at the rate it is.

Consistent technological advancement such as better phones, smarter interface, Artificial intelligence, internet of things is all key drivers of this industry. Apps add to the convenience of everyday life.

Google Play revenue grew by almost 20.2% this year, we are now in the billions and the numbers are only going up.

Gaming, Business, and Education are the top categories that contain 40% of the app market share

Gaming is the winner when it comes to mobile apps downloads. It is said that an average of 30% of the time spend on games happens in the toilet! People love games and gaming is by itself a thriving industry.

This combined with the love for all things mobile has given birth to one of the most addictive, lucrative industries we know of. The Mobile gaming industry holds almost 50% of the global gaming industry.

Gaming is the best way to Make Money from Your Mobile App. Besides this business and education are the next top contenders of mobile app downloads. People are now consistently using apps to learn new languages, improve productivity by using interactive apps.

Earn some big money – The topmost 200 apps earn $82,500 daily!

No, this is not a drill! There are several ways to monetize your app to its fullest potential. These include having options like In-App purchases, advertising tie-ups and generally paid download options. If your app services the dire need of the user, is interactive, engaging, your business is sure to win the revenue game. Not just this, it also redirects traffic to your website.

In 2018, almost 50% of the entire website traffic was routed through mobile apps.

Since adults are spending an average of 3-4 hours of their time on the phone, it automatically increases the exposure and probability of having a sale conversion. It’s all about having the statistics on your side, make money from your mobile app today!

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to stay on the right side of the numbers. Numbers, data and statistics need to be your best friend for you to hit the jackpot. As the famous saying by Edwards Deming goes “In God we trust, all others must bring Data”.

Making the right decision purely based on proven statistics and well-recorded figures is the only way forward. Mobile apps bring promise and confidence in the growth of your business. Use the right Mobile app development services and leverage a lifetime customer value from it.

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