Sustainability Of E-Scooters Business In The Market | Must Read -
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Sustainability Of E-Scooters Business In The Market | Must Read

All of us often waste a disproportionate time while driving within the city, getting stuck in unnecessary traffic jams, finding trouble in looking for the parking slots, and burning gases while riding the non-electric vehicles.

When cars sit idle in traffic, pollutants sometimes seep inside of your vehicle. This stagnation can make the air inside your car up to 10x more worse than the air outside your car.

Making the environment clean and green is not only good for the planet and enjoyment of our time spent on it but having clean air also means having healthy people. Healthier people means happier people, happier people means safer people.

And finding the last-mile mobility is still a tricky problem if you are in one of the busy cities like London or Sacramento.

Amidst the technology evolution, we are now looking at a new mobility solution that has overruled the urban transportation sector and bought a hype in the regular travelers’ lives.

No idea what I am talking about? Let’s dive in!

The hype of a new mobility solution: Electric scooters

You must be seeing a lot of these 2 wheelers parked near subway stations or while going to a bar. The number of brands launching e-scooter sharing is only increasing and this has become a buzzword for the last 1-2 years.

Steve jobs on e-scooters businesses

Steve Jobs says that electric scooters are going to impact cities more than personal computers do that. It’s not a joke and cities will be redesigned with this new concept of electric scooters. Catering to the daily travelers’ needs or the people who are out to explore a new city, e-scooter is a one-stop solution for all of them.

Regular travelers and business owners have simply welcomed this digital innovation as it is offering a comprehensive set of advantages.

Not only this, major industry leaders including Uber have made a handsome investment of around $335 million in the e-scooter industry.

Why e-Scooters After all

Want to know the top reasons why people and businesses are preferring e-scooters over other ordinary commutations? Let’s get a quick look!

For end-users

An ideal way to commute in a budget-friendly manner and stay out of the traffic congestion.

For business owners

Developing an e-scooter app seems an easily viable option to get a better ROI.

Some Other pointers for you to Contemplate The Benefits of E-Scooter

  • With the growing environmental problems at the global level and as the number of fuel vehicles is multiplying every day, it has become a major concern to address this issue with a smart approach. Renting an electric scooter lets you travel in the city freely with no harmful gas emission. Thus, contributing a countable part towards a safer planet.
  • Expenses demanded in working upon a taxi sharing services are far less than the ones involved in the e-scooter development. Moreover, an e-scooter doesn’t include the fuel charges and it doesn’t demand maintenance very frequently, so business owners can invest in this industry without any scope of risk and attain a good ROI. Interested to know more? Here’s how much does creating an e-scooter app cost.

No Strings attached: End-users can easily locate, book, and park the e-scooters and reach their destination freely. Without getting into the traffic jams, not worrying about the higher fares or surge pricing, and looking for a spacious parking spot, they can enjoy e-scooter rides at all times without looking at the clock.

Lime and Bird: The unicorns of the e-scooter industry

Lime, one of the leading e-scooter startups, deployed its first e-scooter on a college campus in North Carolina. Lime emerged last year, is now raising over $335 million and now, more than 1 million people are using Lime. It has even partnered with Uber, who has made a good investment in Lime. And soon, Uber is about to introduce scooter rental functionality in its app.

Bird has raised over $400 million in a round and rockets to $2 billion evaluation. Investors including Silicon Valley are investing in these electric scooters. Bird has bought more than 1000 e-scooters on the roads throughout Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington.

And the industry is expected to bloom with continued growth as many other major investors like Sequoia Capital, Sound Ventures, Accel, Greycroft, and B Capital are pouring money in this e-scooter revolution.

All in all, the e-scooter industry has become a major player in the transport industry that follows a holistic approach towards the better future of urban mobility. There are positive chances that the e-scooter industry is going to shape a strong resistance in society and will overrule the global industry in the coming years.

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E-scooters have a long way to go and set new milestones in the market

E-scooters turn out to be the most community-focused, people-friendly, easy to fit the customer’s budget, and one of the safest modes of transportation. As of now, e-scooters have paved a way which is foreseen to resist in the industry for a longer period. In terms of revenue, it has a shining time in the future as more and more businesses are investing and showing interest in the e-scooters industry.

Seasonal usage: On the way, there are some expected minor challenges that the e-scooter industry might not get good enough sales in certain seasons like winters, but in other times of the year, it can earn enough to resist this phase. Moreover, in colder days, they can make to shift to some other parts and fetch the sales.

Great for the environment: If we analyze in terms of the environment that how safe e-scooters are for the planet, again the industry will be on the safer side as compared to other taxi and fuel rides. E-scooters only demand some amount of electricity to charge and once done, it’s all set to complete 4-5 trips per day without any gas emissions or other pollutants. Utilizing electricity will be a far better option rather than going for huge has emitting vehicles.

There are more than 100,000 scooters in 90+ cities cumulatively in the US and Europe combined.

In fact, Lime is working on a full life-cycle analysis to thoroughly monitor its carbon footprint and understand how it can improve the sustainability of transportation. Things will take enough time, but one thing is for sure people are going to prefer e-scooters for a longer basis as lives are busier and nobody has enough time to wait in the long traffic jams.

Winding It Up

The e-scooter industry is growing exponentially and that this is a new trend that’s picking up in multiple geographies. There are however concerns and talks about how it’s not making sense for companies or governments. Though, so far, it looks like companies are constantly growing and innovating in the field. It’s like when Uber entered and everyone was skeptical, though look at where they have reached.

The best time to start is now and we can help you jumpstart your journey by becoming your technology partner.

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