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business models in pet health tech

Highly Lucrative Business Models in Pet Health Tech

Pet health tech has been a buzzword that has been trending for a while. As the percentage of millennials who own pets rises by the day, so does the advent of technology into this domain that had previously only seen minor improvements in the decades preceding the current. There are many facets to pet health tech and some of them are not just focused on physical health, but emotional health too. Pets are intelligent animals that require physical, emotional and palliative support in various stages of their lives.

Psychological assistance using tech

Psychological assistance is not only a human requirement, but also for pets. This facet of health tech is leveraged by apps like petChatz that allow users to hear, see and talk to your pet through a smartphone or a computer. Pet socialization services also help pets get along with others and help them be happier, well-adjusted pets.

They exploit the pet’s need of companionship and interaction to provide both pet owners and pets mental satisfaction that goes a long way in ensuring pet longevity and physical well being. Another facet of psychological services is addressing behavioral problems and training.

Pet health tech has a long way to go in this regard, as many pet owners are left with pets that are hostile to other care givers or need to be trained well to help the pets adjust to their new homes. With help coming in the form of video and audio instructions along with supportive documentation or services that provide this assistance, pet health tech can go a long way in ensuring the psychological well-being of our furry friends.

Nutritional awareness using tech

Nutrition is the number one buzzword in pet health tech. As more and more millennials get aware that giving treats to your pets is like giving a child candy, they are now working on placing their bets on healthy alternatives to snacks that keeps the pet healthy and fit, while ensuring that they stay motivated and get their treat. 

Geographical solutions

Many pet owners end up getting pets that they like but have no idea of the pet’s climatic requirements. Two distinct business models serve this requirement. The first is the informative model allows pet owners to search for pets according to their geographical location, informing them why their choice might not be the right choice for their pet due to the geographical location they are in.

The second model works on the fact that the pet has already been procured and they need to adapt to the new surroundings. From healthcare services specialized for that breed to innovative projects like FreshPatch, that is a convenient option for senior dog owners or those living in compelling geographic locations that do not allow their pets to go out to relieve themselves. 

 On-demand healthcare services

The on-demand space is booming for nearly every industry globally. Pet health tech and vet tech have gained from these services by providing solutions to pet owners when they want, the way they want. From online meal delivery for pets to pet grooming apps, everything is available on the tip of your hand today. Innovation in this field has been maximal but has a lot of room for improvement. As more and more millennials turn to pets, their needs for on-demand pet healthcare services can only be served by tech-enabled pet health services.

Supportive services

Pets need loving and care. Although millennials are aware of this fact, they might always not be available to take their pooch for a walk and must resort to making them wait or try and look for help around. Pet health tech helps alleviate these problems by providing supportive services like overnight boarding, pet hostels and walking services.

As these services are an important part of pet health, pet health tech today is investing heavily on such services and programs to enhance the health and well being of their pooches and to ensure that they are well looked after if they must leave town for a few days. 

As technology grows, it fosters innovation. This also helps millennials today be better pet parents as they turn to technology to help them in this role. This has given rise to a large void in the pet health tech, vet tech and pet tech industry that needs to be filled by innovators today. With a slice of the $20 billion pet market, this is a very large pie with a slice ready for the taking.


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