Impact of Technology in Pet Healthcare - Powered By Volumetree
Impact of technology in pet healthcare - Volumetree

Impact of Technology in Pet Healthcare – Powered By Volumetree

Technology has always played a pivotal role in the development of healthcare systems. Since the advent and acceptance of pet health as a science, vets have been leveraging their knowledge with technology to create innovative solutions to pet problems. Today, the fields of healthcare and scientific research have not only collided, but they have also intertwined themselves into a singular unit that is poised to take the pet healthcare industry by storm.

Improving the pet-parent bond

Millennials are a busy lot. They are sometimes so engrossed in their work that they end up totally neglecting their furry friends, and sometimes even going so far as abandoning them. As technology strives to make inroads in the pet tech industry, one particularly curious area of focus of pet health tech is on the pet-parent psychology and using technology to improve the pet-parent or pet-owner bond.

Technology today is highly focused on this singular aspect as many pets suffer from loneliness or depression and end up causing problems that label them as unwanted pets.

Pet interaction apps like WonderWoof rely on a Bluetooth-enabled bowtie that can help pet owners track each second of their pet’s lives and help them take a more active role in the betterment of their pet’s health. Dog walking Softwares like petcheck and automatic treat-dispensing apps like Petzi can ensure that pets have something to do and get a reward in return.

Enhancing the availability of healthcare

Many pet owners suffer from the lack of vets in their vicinity. With vet tech apps and pet healthcare apps at their disposal, they can now use services that can help them use live streaming to talk to a vet online and discuss the problem that they are facing. Services like FindaVet can also help pet owners find vets in their area.

Medicinal enhancements

Antibiotic resistance, supplements, and minerals are today not just associated with humans, but pets too. As medicine makes new breakthroughs, using probiotics, immune modulators and better nutrition have come up as alternatives to antibiotics, without the associated side effects. Medical procedures like lasers for joint pain and elk antler for nutrition and joint care have helped pet owners make the lives of their pooches a little less miserable.

Supportive services

With better healthcare comes longevity. However, longevity is also coupled with its own problems that come with age, like arthritis, problems with eyesight and hearing. Pet health tech today is working on figuring out innovative ways to relieve pain and provide assistive devices for pets so that they can live the winters of their lives with ease.

Supportive user groups and social media networks have given rise to elderly dog adoption services and elderly dog care services that offer specialized care for senior dogs and other pets.

The IOA – the IOT for animals

The internet of Animals leverages the power of IoT and advanced imaging and detection technologies to make breakthroughs in pet management. Applications and devices like FitBark and WoofTrax are poised to take the pet wearable market by storm. Fitness modules today aim to detect health issues in pets early and provide effective nutrition measures to delay the common signs of aging in animals, resulting in healthier pets even close to their time.


A visit to a vet might be a time-consuming activity for some due to the location of the vet. The vet tech and pet healthcare tech are poised to solve this problem of inconvenience to pet owners by combining wearable tech and messaging systems to provide information to the pet owners who can directly send pet health data to their closest vet and get access to healthcare online, at their convenience and at the right time.

With added information available in these technologies, pet owners are also more aware of how they can help their pets, reducing the load on vets and taking care of basic issues at home.


In short, pet health tech is poised to be at the forefront of pet health. With technology in tow, human-pet interactions have hit record highs, with the number of pet owners rising by up to 30% in many cases around the world. As pet ownership and pet healthcare becomes easier with technology, we see no reason for this trend to slow down as pet healthcare enhances pet health and reduces the burden of pet ownership.


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