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Pet Wearable Technology – The Next Game Changing Market

Everything we do has technology built into it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when our pets have technology impacting them too. The way technology is evolving and the pace at which it is growing is astounding to say the very least. Our lives are integrated with technology and it’s amazing how a lot of activities we perform are driven by the technology itself.

This integration of technology with our lifestyle has made us smarter, thanks to AI, Machine learning, and Augmented Reality. The popularity of wearables took the world by storm, and soon after a wearable could be spotted on every wrist.  Many people wondered what came next. Then in the next wave of wearables, the pet wearables hit the market like never before. It is now the turn of pets and livestock to embrace the futuristic technology that has its roots deeply planted in the past.

History of tracking livestock

What started in the early ’50s as a need to identify and track livestock without painful branding has evolved into a technology that is poised to make the lives of humans and their pets smarter and easier. Initially limited to livestock, pet wearables have geared up to encompass every pet type under the Sun. 

Technologies like IoT, AI, and the internet have come together to create smarter wearables for pets. Not limited to trackers, wearables today can help identify, track, alert, control, and provide medical diagnosis for your pet. 

Pet activity trackers and other wearables are commonly found these days. In fact, they are believed to be a ‘must-have’ for pet parents. The types of technology available in pet wearables might be a little overwhelming for someone new to this realm. However, understanding what different type of technology offers for your pet could help one make a decision. 

Commonly used technologies to track your Pet


Tracking a pet is one of the most important and basic features that a pet parent can think of. You can be at ease knowing that if your pet wanders off, there is a way to find its whereabouts.

Cats especially have a tendency to wander off and come back at their own will, it would be good to know if the absence of your cat is temporary where you can locate it around the vicinity or a cause of concern and warrants a search party.

Instead of just hoping and praying for your pets to come home you can now easily know their whereabouts and go find them if necessary. 


Radio Frequency Identification is a type of Passive Integrated Transponder. RFID helps vets, animal control workers, and caregivers at animal shelters to identify, contact and monitor pet health. RFID tags can be attached to your pet’s collar and also can be embedded under the pet’s skin.

With a simple injection, the microchip can be implanted under the skin by a vet and this procedure doesn’t even require an anesthetic. By getting the RFID tag implanted under the skin of your pet you can ensure the pet’s safety and it is returning home even if its collar is lost. 


A plethora of sensors are doing the rounds in the market that work in collaboration with either GPS trackers or RFID tags. These sensors help pet owners stay aware of the health conditions of their pets.

These sensors pick up on varied temperatures that your pets undergo, which can collect information on your pet’s vital signs. Furthermore, these sensors analyze the collected data and alert you if there is a cause for concern. 

Camera mounts

Various companies have come up with innovative straps that are able to mount a GoPro on your pet. This could help pet owners get visuals on their pet’s well-being and finding out if they are up to no good.

Other camera-based devices help pet owners check in on their pet’s day and even video chat with them whenever they feel like it. Options like dispensing treats to their pets are also available in some of these camera bases devices. 

With fitness industry giants like Garmin stepping in with Garmin Delta Smart the conviction in the pet wearable tech industry shows. Delta Smart is a training system and activity tracker for dogs that works with Garmin Canine. Delta Smart features corrective training that helps reinforce behaviors that the pet owner wants from their dog and discourages ones that they don’t.

Wearable solutions for pets are on the rise as each day passes, the idea is to bring innovation into the solutions and make the lives both of pets and pet owners better and smarter. With pet owners becoming more and more conscious of every variable aspect regarding their pet’s safety, security, and health technology has a lot of gaps to fill.

The journey of the pet wearable market has just begun, with everyone working in the direction of seamless integration of technology with pets based on their needs and equipping the pet owners with the best pet care options made available readily at their fingertips. 

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