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Azuratech to Volumetree

Rebranding Story: Azuratech to Volumetree

Why did we do it?

Change is the essence of life. Change is the only thing that is constant. We realized as soon as we onboarded our first client that our company will never be the same. We continued to change, evolve and grow as we do today. As we moved ahead and increased our client and partner base, we understood that our identity was not being showcased appropriately by our name.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Volumetree is to support and empower entrepreneurs and startups globally in their endeavour to bring about changes and advances in society.

Our Values

We operate using a set of core values that we consider the five commandments for outstanding service:

  1. Transparency

From the first meeting to the handover, our projects, milestones and timelines are documented and adhered to. We ensure that you stay in control and know how your project is progressing with timely updates and progress reports. 

  1. Professionalism and Accountability

Our customer-centric processes and our experienced staff ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of pleasing. You are responsible for your work and must maintain the right standards of productivity to deliver it.

  1. Quality

We believe in raising the bar with each project that we deliver. When it comes to standards, we keep them higher than the norm at the outset, ensuring that you get products that have outstanding quality and are built with commitment. Your product is our biggest testimonial.

  1. Experimentation
    Our zeal to go beyond what is considered the norm is our differentiating factor. We encourage innovation and experimentation within the workplace and the same is reflected in our products.
  2. Value

We are here to add value to your products and services using cutting-edge technology. Our focus is on what we deliver so that you can rest assured.

How did we do it?

What’s in a name? For a company that strives to be outstanding – everything.

In our quest to create a new brand identity, we decided to make a list of what really matters. We narrowed it down to two differentiating factors:

Impact and Value

Volume: Showcases reach, intensity, and impact of our solutions. This was best defined by the word volume, which is the factor of loudness in sound.

Tree: Showcases value, sustenance, stability, and consistent growth. According to us, this was best defined by the word Tree.

Our logo: What it means?

Colours: Bold and vibrancy

 Our logo resonates with what we do. We designed our logo as a sound wave. A sound wave showcases communication which leads to transparency and understanding. What we are and what we do resonates through each aspect of our company. We create the products you want so that you can create the buzz you want in this connected world. 

Our logo colours showcase the bold and vibrant nature of our company. We’re young, dynamic, bold and have a go-getter attitude that sets us apart from our competition.

All it took after we narrowed down the differentiating factors was a nod from marketing. Voila! We had rebranded our company and reinvented the way we would work to ensure customer success and brand impact.

Our new company name and tagline showcase our purpose and our core values.

Volumetree – Impact Through Technology.

We use technology as the medium to deliver impact and value. Our consultancy services strive to offer impactful solutions that present outstanding value to our clients. 

What will change?

We understand that your success is the only measure of our capability. As we strive to be increasingly client-centric and service-focused than ever before, our endeavor is to build our business around your needs.

Every client is different, and so are their needs. From ideation to established products, we have services that can cater to your needs at any stage of your product or at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Our initial offerings were focused around early ideation to growth-stage startups that needed our technical expertise to bring their projects from ideation to actualization and then to the MVP stage. 

Our enhanced portfolio of services will help you at each stage of your journey, ensuring that you get the support you need to scale your business and get up and running, fast! 

For growth stage and mature businesses, we offer intelligent services that can mold themselves around your business, providing you the edge you need. Our enhanced service offerings now include cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, IoT, AI, and Machine learning.

AI, Machine Learning and Big Data:

For products that have already been launched, we help in leveraging the power of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data to analyze meaningful information from data generated by your products. This data can then be used to make informed business decisions.

Our extremely experienced consultants can help you maintain and enhance your product. Let us take your product to the next level, together. With our technical acumen, we can help you grow faster than ever before!.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can make a major impact on your customer base. From marketing to sales to customer support, nearly every aspect of your application can benefit from the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our extremely capable consultants can help you reap the maximum benefits by leveraging the power of AI.


As our portfolio grows, our IoT enabled platforms will encompass devices like drones, beacons, e-Bikes, Health sensors and so on. The possibilities of IoT are endless, and so are those of our offerings.

Machine Learning

Our Machine learning solutions ensure that your marketing, advertising and language understanding requirements are met and in many cases, exceeded by our applications. Our research and development team is constantly engaged in bringing newer features to our platforms that will help solve complex problems.

Data analysis and Big Data

Our data scientists understand the importance of Big Data and data analysis. We know that data can be analyzed to help our customers garner insights that can be used to make better decisions and strategic moves that will help you one-up your competition. Big Data analytics will also help you recalculate your risk portfolio and determine the root cause of failures, issues and defects almost in real-time. Needed by nearly all segments of the industry, big data is important to nearly every sector – including but not limited to Banking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Join us as we begin our journey to offer more growth, create some noise with the impactful solutions we develop for you!

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