Spotify Takes on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces with Spotify Greenroom
Spotify Greenroom

Spotify Takes on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces with Spotify Greenroom

The social audio app scene, with new entrants announced every few months, is heating up. Clubhouse is the original social audio app pioneer that generated excitement and interest due to its invite-only membership policy when it launched in 2020. Next, Twitter followed suit with Twitter Spaces, then Facebook Live Rooms, Discord and many others. The most recent entrant to this arena is Spotify Greenroom.

What is Spotify Greenroom?

Spotify Greenroom app is Spotify’s first attempt to create a social media platform. Spotify Greenroom is a mobile application that allows users to join and host live online audio conversations. You can sign up for Spotify Greenroom with your Spotify account or create a new one. 

Spotify acquired Locker Room—an app by Betty Labs, and rechristened it to Spotify Greenroom. Initially used only for sport-related content, Greenroom now features conversations focused on sports, music and culture. Launched in 135 countries around the world, Spotify Greenroom plans to target a global audience.

According to a launch report by The Verge, Spotify has also announced a creator’s fund to pay popular US-based content creators. Although the report states that deals with popular creators are in the works, information about this feature is currently scarce. However, users can sign up for more information at this link.

How does Spotify Greenroom work?

Spotify Greenroom audio app works as a space for live conversations through rooms. Each room has a host, speakers, and listeners. Hosts start Rooms on Spotify Greenroom and also manage speakers in the room. Listeners can request to speak by clicking the ‘Ask to Speak’ button. Each room also has an optional discussion area where users can have text-based conversations. Hosts can easily toggle discussions on or off. 

Rooms can either be scheduled through the calendar or go live instantly. In addition, all logged-in Spotify Greenroom users can create a room. 

Similar to Clubhouse, Spotify Greenroom has policies for hate speech, inappropriate behaviour, and other forms of harassment. Rooms are focused on networking and discussions. 

Spotify Greenroom has a unique way of distributing likes in the form of Spotify Greenroom gems. You can earn gems by hosting a room, or you can reward speakers for saying something interesting by giving them a gem through their profiles. 

How is Spotify Greenroom different from Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces?

The main difference between Greenroom and Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces is that Greenroom offers native recording of live audio sessions. Users can then listen to these sessions as podcasts on Spotify at any time. Additionally, Greenroom also provides a live text chat feature similar to YouTube, in which users can chat with each other while listening to the speaker.

Greenroon CTA

Which platforms does Greenroom support?

Spotify Greenroom is available for iOS and Android—making it accessible to millions of users on both platforms. Both Spotify Greenroom Android app and Spotify Greenroom iOS app are very similar.

How can I download and get started with Greenroom?

Getting started with Spotify audio app AKA Greenroom is easy. All you need to do is download and install the app from the App Store or Play Store. Once installed either log in using your Spotify credentials or create a new account. 

Note that Greenroom requires you to verify your identity in some regions by entering a code sent to you via SMS while creating a new account. Once you’ve created an account, choose the users and groups you wish to follow, accept Spotify Greenroom’s terms and conditions, and boom! Additionally, Greenroom also requires adding a profile picture.

You can start hosting content right away by clicking the Create room button. Simply give your room a name, add a name for your show or podcast if you have one, and choose an audience. You can also choose to receive a copy of your room audio and enable or disable text chat in the discussion area of your room. Once you’ve selected all the options, click Go Live to host your live room!

You can invite others to join your room, share a meeting invite or send room information to your followers if you have any. Once done, click the End Room button to end the broadcast. If you have chosen to, a copy of your session will be emailed to you by Spotify.

How many users does Greenroom have?

Greenroom launched a week ago, and user data is not yet available for this app. 

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Spotify Greenroom vs Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

  1. Native recordings:

    With native recording provided, Greenroom addressed challenges that Clubhouse has been struggling with—including hate speech, racism, misogyny, and antisemitism. Although Clubhouse has a temporary buffer while the room is live, Spotify’s native recording feature is a win-win for them.

  2. Accessibility:

    Greenroom is available for everyone at launch. No exclusivity, no invites to scrounge for, no phased rollouts. Everyone gets the app instantly.

  3. Moderation:

    Moderation on all platforms is limited, although Spotify states that they do not allow hate content. Greenroom uses AI to moderate and block any spiteful content. However, hate speech regulation is still a grey area.

  4. Reporting incidents:

    Reporting incidents is easier on Greenroom as all you need to do is click the user profile and report it or contact the customer support team.

Parting thoughts

Spotify Greenroom is the newest kid on the block. As audio content creation platforms evolve and get more popular over time, they will have more diverse content and user groups with their loyalties and preferences. We used the app and loved it, however, we will give Greenroom time to get more popular creators onboard and add features to help Spotify users get notified if any of Spotify’s content creators are going live on Greenroom. Until then, host your rooms, let your friends in and enjoy the show!


Greenroom by Spotify


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