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10 tactics to launch your product or business victoriously

10 Tactics To Launch Your Product Or Business Victoriously

Is your product out for launch now? Well! This is good news. You might have planned a lot of sales, popularity, and appreciation from customers. Right? But wait. Do you have a plan before launching your product? You can’t take it lightly as the product launch process is going to take enough time and will demand a mastermind plan. You need to carry out some important steps before your product launch. Otherwise, be prepared to bear the consequences.

Product launching demands a mastermind plan

Do you think launching a product and grabbing customer’s attention fall under one roof? No, you might be wrong. Grabbing the customer’s attention is a separate story that needs proper planning. Let us take the example of Steve Jobs. In September 2018, iPhone XS was released and the very next month, iPhone XR got released.

Do you think this was a random release or a planned marketing strategy? This is a full-fledged marketing strategy that business influencers adopt to receive more sales and gain a wider customer base.

So, are you aware of these new product launch strategies or you are still a newbie with no ideas around?

No worries! Let’s discuss the journey of 10 tried and tested tactics which every business owner must be aware of before launching the product in the market.

1. Know Your Target Audience before launching the product:

Understanding your target audience is the first step that will lead you towards the success of your product. You need to understand their requirements, what are their current problems, what are they expecting from the industry, and then ask yourself if your product answers all their queries or not. Also, you need to focus on the language you are using because the information which can convince one demographic, might not be able to convince another demographic. So, clearly set your target audience and tell them how your services will benefit them.

2. Know The Problem You’ll Solve:

Spend a worthy time, discuss with your team that what the real pain point of customers can you solve with your product. If you know where the problem is in the current system, you’ll easily grab the customer’s attention and they’ll show interest in your services. 

When you launch a product, everyone in your company will be excited about the technical specs of the product but it is your duty to focus on the problems your product will solve. It also helps you in the marketing of your product. It gives a vital element to the story of your product. 

3. Share with a small group first:

When you are ready for the product launch, you must be confident enough that the customers will love it and the product will succeed without any pitfalls. To ensure this, you need to beta test it prior to its launch because product launch mistakes are just not acceptable in today’s competitive world. So, you can share your product with your close friends or teammates and get feedback on product operations. If you get some issues, fix them on priority. Once done with it, then only launch the product in the real world.

Also you can go to different beta testing platforms to ensure that your product is error-free and suitable for your target audience. 

Why is there a need to beta test you product before launching in the market?

 4. Focus on one, not ten:

Once you ask for your feedback from your circle, you’ll get a mix of suggestions-some good, some bad, while some would even ask you to add new features that are missing in it. But you simply can’t work upon all of them. Don’t try adding complex functionality in your product, rather think from a user’s perspective. Do they really need it or not? Moreover, you need to consider the negative comments instead of ignoring them, and try working on your product launch strategies with attention.

 5. Mark the product launch date and stick to it:

Once your product is ready to launch, sit with your team and finalize a specific date for the launch. Of course, you can’t set a date on which even Apple is launching its product. So, pick an appropriate date and stick to it, no matter what.

In addition to that, you should also be open for taking preorders. It is a nice way to seal customers before the launch.

Setting preplanning date will give your product an edge over your competitors. It also gives you an opportunity to create a sense of urgency for your target customers.

6. Set goals, not expectations:

Make a clear checklist before the launch and stick to it. Carry out all the steps you have planned for the launch and do the marketing plan the right way. Don’t drag expectations in between. It’s all your luck and hardwork, it’ll take time while people know about your brand name. Have patience and keep working on your goals.

7. Create buzz among the customers:

You are a startup and you are launching your very first product, nobody knows you in the industry. Customers want to know who you are, so apart from focusing on your services, narrate your startup story, share blogs, posting on social media, do interviews and tell the audience what you are doing.

The best way to create a buzz among your audience is to turn your launching of product into an event. Go for some press event and announce your product via press releases and other social media platforms like Reddit, Dribble, Digg, and more. This gives your brand a buzz that it requires to break the sales chart.

8. Security must be your top priority of product launch:

Today’s digital world is full of cyber-attacks and you have no idea when will a hacker attack your business. To stay on the safe side, you need to be prepared in advance and secure all the confidential data, social media accounts, credentials, trademark, domain name, and all other important things.

9. Stand unique from the rest:

As soon as the customer sees your product, the first question which will hit his mind will be that what extraordinary are you providing from other vendors? You must ask this question to yourself- are you offering something different from your competitors or are you following the race? Is it really worth it for your customers to invest their time and money in your app? What type of problems are your product is solving? You need to be well aware of the current challenges customers are facing and then lookup for some solution which you can include in your product.

10. Give demo sessions:

As you are new in the market, people would want to know how worthy your services and how does it operate. So, you must give free trials and demo sessions to gain the customer’s trust in your brand name.

How to give trials and demos? There are many online tools that you can leverage to showcase the working of your product like ezTalks Webinar, TokBox, Yondo Webinar, OpenMeetings, DemoBuilder, Jing, and many more. 

Once you are ready to launch your product, be active and prepared with your team to respond to your customers and make your product launch a successful one. Keep your team members ready to answer the customer queries, emails and tell them how the services operate. Invest a good time when you plan the things, make a perfect checklist, go as per the plans and definitely your product launch will show you positive outputs.

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