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Gartner – The What And Why

The world of today is busy. As we trudge through the workweek trying to accomplish what we planned for, we sometimes feel the lack of information that is factual, relevant and to the point. This is the same problem that is faced by executives and higher management of companies today.

Modern companies rely on information and meaningful research to make relevant and strategic business decisions that can help steer a company in the right direction.

Although the required information can be obtained by sifting through multiple volumes of data, sometimes getting the right business insights and the tools required to achieve business goals are difficult to come by or the time at hand is too short to actually analyze all the data at hand.

Research and Consulting companies like Gartner come to the aid of modern executives today that work in a volatile, high-stress environment where every minute and every decision count.

With their focused, high-quality research, insights, tools and consulting services, Gartner helps the executive of today make the informed business decisions they need to.

What is Gartner?

A leading source of such information and relevant tools for this purpose is Gartner. A company founded nearly 40 years ago, Gartner has helped thousands of companies and their management make strategic business decisions that can help them decide the future of their organizations.

With an ever-evolving landscape of technology, Gartner provides information that helps organizations rework their business models and operational strategies.

How does Gartner help a company reimagine itself?



It is important for research to be independent, objective and methodical. Gartner insights can help companies to understand and manage individual facets of their company and deduce the future courses of action. Including focused reportage from nearly every segment of the industry, Gartner can help you plan, manage and decide.

For example, for a company trying to figure out the top SaaS provider in 2019, this article about a report from Gartner can help you figure out how major players rank against each other Oracle and AWS make it to the top of the charts here.

Another interesting bit from Gartner helps IT companies avoid vendor lock-ins by selecting multiple infrastructure providers. AWS and Microsoft make the cut along with several other providers.

This report from Gartner called the Magic Quadrant helps you figure out the top Cloud Management Platforms along with the strengths and weaknesses of each, with Flexera (RightScale), Scalr, Embotics, and Morpheus Data being some of the top companies that are mentioned in this report.

All this information and much more can help you get the insights you need to ensure success in your domain.


Equipped with information for nearly every facet of the business from Customer Service to Strategy to Supply Chain, Gartner can help business leaders of nearly any major function in an organization with meaningful and focused information that helps them make decisions.

Gartner provides trusted Insights that are futuristic, forward-thinking and verified with the metrics and data that help you decide. With quantifiable research and industry-leading practices, Gartner ensures that you stay on top of the market game.


Tools like Magic Quadrants, Hype Cycle, Transit Maps, and Amazon Insights help your company weigh itself against the competition and find the gaps that might otherwise be invisible to executives. These tools help you make strategic business decisions that can really turn your company around.


Gartner can help your company turn around by helping you benchmark where your company stands today and figure out your company’s details.

This further helps you optimize the best opportunities you may have for growth and use their measurement consulting to finally align your business goals and show progress.

Gartner can also help companies modernize by embracing technology and harnessing the power of IT to fuel business growth. Gartner’s extensive experience in the optimization of costs and risks can help you achieve the best pricing and terms.


Not every business leader is perfect. Gartner helps you reach the podium and shine as a leader by organizing summits and conferences that can assist you in networking, learning market-leading business methodologies and knowing what is best for your business today.


Gartner Peer Insights help you choose IT solutions that are verified by your peers in the industry. These reviews are further verified by Gartner to be unbiased and help you choose the solutions you need with confidence.

These reviews can help you figure out if the tool that you are choosing has helped someone or made them learn important lessons.


Gartner can help small companies with limited resources to increase revenue and get to their goal faster by supplementing their staff and helping companies cope with CIO-level challenges and execute high-level empowered business decisions.

These capabilities coupled with nearly 40 years of experience in the world technology market and a large market following have made Gartner the trusted choice of thousands of senior executives the world over.

Helping companies reimagine themselves, outperform the competition and manage risks are only some of the areas where Gartner can be of the utmost help.

Gartner announces rankings of the 2019 Supply Chain Top 25:

Rank Company Peer Opinion1

(162 voters)


Gartner Opinion1





Year Weighted ROA2


Inventory Turns3



Year Weighted Revenue Growth4


CSR Component Score5


Composite Score6
1 Colgate-Palmolive 961 347 19.9% 5.0 -0.2% 10.00 4.88
2 Inditex 1,091 341 16.2% 3.8 6.5% 10.00 4.80
3 Nestlé 1,262 374 6.9% 4.8 1.2% 10.00 4.27
4 PepsiCo 997 368 11.7% 9.0 1.2% 8.00 4.22
5 Cisco Systems  














6 Intel 576 454 12.4% 3.7 9.6% 6.00 4.12
7 HP Inc. 293 353 11.7% 8.2 7.3% 10.00 3.81
8 Johnson & Johnson  














9 Starbucks 900 167 19.3% 12.7 9.0% 4.00 3.74
10 Nike 1,194 186 13.3% 3.9 6.0% 4.00 3.73
11 Schneider Electric  














12 Diageo 625 404 9.8% 0.9 4.3% 10.00 3.44
13 Alibaba 1,095 72 10.6% 23.4 52.6% 0.00 3.43
14 Walmart 1,415 268 4.6% 8.6 2.5% 5.00 3.40
15 L’Oréal 858 229 9.9% 2.7 3.6% 8.00 3.38
16 H&M 582 155 13.7% 2.7 5.1% 10.00 3.35
17 3M 597 192 14.3% 3.8 3.2% 8.00 3.34
18 Novo Nordisk  














19 Home Depot  














20 Coca Cola Company  














21 Samsung Electronics  














22 BASF. 597 252 6.4% 3.9 -0.6% 8.00 2.89
23 Adidas 714 172 9.2% 3.2 7.9% 5.00 2.75
24 Akzo Nobel 137 0 20.9% 4.6 -8.6% 8.00 2.61
25 BMW 733 131 3.8% 3.8 1.3% 10.00 2.57


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