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Benefits of e-scooter mobile app

Get your tailor-made e-scooter tech solution

Wish to start your E-Scooter mobile application and experience business growth?

We have expertise in building tailor-made mobile apps that will take your business to zenith heights right today. We are the leading vendor with a team of professionals having a strong hold on data-driven power and the latest digital trends.

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How does an on-demand scooter app work?

We have made the functionality easy enough that even a child can operate it. Simply download the application on your smartphone and follow these simple steps:
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Locate a nearby e-scooter

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Scan QR code to unlock the scooter and begin the ride.

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Lock your scooter after arriving at the destination to end the ride.

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Make secure payments


Real-world problems e-scooter app solves

Here are the most common e scooter problems that we can solve perfectly in real-time:

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Features of mobile app for e-scooters

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Real-time tracking

Users can enjoy comfortable rides while parking the scooter safely and tracking it in real-time.

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GPS tracking

Users can seamlessly locate the hired e-scooters in multiple areas and localities via the GPS tracking functionality in the app.

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Smart lock

Once the user reaches his destination, the smart lock can be used to safely lock the scooter.

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Secure payments

Users can make safe, secure and hassle-free online payments after completing their rides.

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Multi-lingual support

The e-scooter application serves multi-diversity people and supports multiple language options for users.

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QR code scanning

Users can scan the QR code to unlock the e-scooter they have hired.

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Multi-platform accessibility

The app can be easily operated on all devices and multiple mobile platforms.

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Social media Integration

With the help of our click social media logins, the logging into the e-scooter rental app is just a breeze.

Let’s step forward and bring a revolution! Together!

Take your e-scooter business level through some out of box feature sets. Connect with us now and discuss your requirements with our experts now.

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Why to work with us

Early Adopters

We are one of the early adopters who have experience and expertise in developing e-scooter apps. Our happy customers are proof of our genuine and reliable work.

Good Business Understanding

We clearly understand every business needs, work precisely over it and deliver outstanding apps that reach far beyond the customer expectations.

Global Brand

To cater to the wide diversity of people across the globe and offer hassle-free services, our app supports multiple languages for easy flow of information.

Value Customers With Transparency

We value our customers and so do we maintain transparency in all our services, from payment gateways to smart locks, everything is accessible on the user’s end.

How much would the e-scooter app cost?

The cost we’ll tell you will solely depend on the complete development, designing and testing of the app. Rest we make sure that all our services fit within the customer’s budget. Try the top-notch e-scooter mobile app development services now to experience incredible results.

  • Project Management = 60 - 90 hours App Design = 60 - 90 hours App Testing = 60 - 90 hours
  • iPhone (user) App Development = 370 - 420 hours Android (user) App Development = 370 - 420 hours iPhone (charger) App Development = 130 - 180 hours Android (charger) App Development = 130 - 180 hours
  • Web Services = 130 - 180 hours Admin Panel Development = 320 - 370 hours
Locate a nearby e-scooter - volumetree Locate a nearby e-scooter - volumetree

How are we experts in the dockless e-scooters industry?

  • • We build on-demand e-scooter applications and solve real-time problems ideally!
  • • We offer remarkable and trustworthy services on which you can rely upon. Today and always!
  • • Right from startups to large enterprises, businesses across the globe have entrusted us for getting amazing apps done from us. Don’t miss it and join the league now!

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