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Develop An E-Scooters Mobile App To Scale Your E-Scooters Business

Did you ever give it a thought that E-scooters will become the tech-to-go for!!! I still remember when the news about this company called Bird spread like wildfire. It was the summer of 2017 when this crazy little ride commercialized, and then the market response was simply awesome.

Now, if you Google “How to launch an e-scooters business,” there are over 15,20,00,000 results, all of them are about how you can start your own e-scooters business. That’s a whooping stat if you ask me.

So, let’s address the primary question out there. Is an app a prerequisite?

Indeed what else you need in this era of digitization. Still won’t believe me then riddle me this, how would you serve business without a digital asset?

A mobile app serves a lot. It worked awesomely for Bird. Don’t you think it will help your business vision, especially when you are planning to incept on the same business model as Bird?

Before we go any further, allow me to present you some of the stats that will simply blow your mind away.

  • Projected global retail sales of electric scooters and bicycles are expected to reach approximately 50 million units by the year 2020.
  • Electric scooter leaders Bird and Lime are raising hundreds of millions of dollars, recent investments value Lime at $1.1 billion and Bird at $2 billion.
  • Alibaba led an $866 million funding round for Ofo, China’s biggest bike-sharing platform.

You can get a clear idea now that the electric scooter industry is accelerating at a rapid speed while the industry owners are welcoming this new trend in the market. Putting forward an answer to traffic gridlock, these e-scooter apps are becoming a preferable choice for people.

Now let’s get straight to the point, you want an e-scooter app, but you are confused which features you want and which you want to exclude. I will clear this confusion for you, so without any further ado, let’s get you started.

E-scooter mobile app features list

Features You Cannot Miss When You Want to Develop An E-Scooter App

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to developing a mobile app. But there are some of the features you simply cannot miss when it comes to e-mobility. Here I will jot down some of the features that will help you clear your confusion and will help you turn your business venture into a masterpiece.

Help Your Audience To Locate, Reserve, & Unlock The Nearby E-Scooters

Your app must have a function which will guide your customers to first, locate the e-scooter. Once they locate the nearby scooter or scooters, at their convenience, they can choose one and with a GPS navigator locate it and book the ride.

Another principal feature to make sure that you are serving your customers well is the locking and unlocking of the scooter. Like Bird, you can add a QR code on the e-scooters, and with the help of your mobile app, you can unlock the scooter. In addition to that, it also helps you minimize the risk of being theft.

These above features are elementary to interpret, and you must know that the key to success in e-scooter business is the simplicity of your mobile app.

Help your Audience To End The Ride & Lock the E-scooters with Your App

If the end is well, then all is well. Your customer takes the ride and now reached his/her destination. It is time to end the transaction but wait; he/she cannot lock the e-scooter from the app!!!  You need to make sure that you give them a feature which help them lock the e-scooters

Keep a feature that will ease your customers to end the ride from the app. Once they complete it, the scooter will lock itself and will be available for other customers on the map.

Make Tracking Of The E-Scooters Easy For Your Customers

You need an app feature that makes easy for your customers to track e-scooters not just before the ride but during the ride as well. Live GPS tracking can come in handy here. You must make sure that your e-scooter app enables your customers to track the live location.

This feature revolutionized the e-scooter tycoon Bird. Even Uber made sure that their app has a live tracking feature. So, you don’t want to miss out this feature.

How Volumetree will help you in developing a Remarkable E-scooter App?

★ Discussing the App Idea

Our thinkers will brainstorm to understand the core idea. We possess highly qualified Business Analyst who will perceive your app idea and then create a blueprint according to your initial app idea.

★ Understanding Your Requirements

Once the blueprint is ready, our development team will analyze all the resources they’ll need to gather to complete your app. They will review your requirements and then come up with a deadline for the project. They will give you a small brief on business intelligence, analytics and admin panel of your app.

★ Designing of the App

Our graphic designers will start working on your mobile app design to make it enticing and unique. With a high level of scrutiny, they will design your app to be user-friendly with easy navigation.

★ Developing the App

Our proficient mobile app developers are skilled and highly experienced with many object-oriented language and frameworks. With the help of clean codes, our developers will develop the app as per the design.

★ Proper Testing of the App

Testing is highly recommended, and we always are very cautious about it. Our team of Quality Assurance will scrutinize every element of your mobile app to make sure that you get the high-quality end product.

★ Regular Maintenance of the App

A mobile app is always in need of maintenance. We offer a minimum of 2 months of free support to make sure that our client faces no inconvenience after the development of the mobile app.

★ Branding of the App

We have a team of digital marketers who can help you in promoting your mobile app and services offered by it. With our efficient brand recognition campaign, your mobile app will get higher visibility on the internet.

Which Leads to Profit

With a full-fledged designing, development, and branding service, you will attain new heights in your business. Let Volumetree be your first choice in mobile app development and achieve newer heights and redefine success. We have done it for industry giants like Elby and BionX (Owned by Magna International) and now it’s your turn!

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