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How To Finalize A Perfect Name For Your Mobile App?

Cute or playful? Abstract or simple? Deciding the perfect name of your business mobile application can be a daunting task especially for a start-up or a small business.

Name of a business mobile application is like a cornerstone of a company. It is an identity that ads to its value, sets the tone and creates the initial impression. It is something by which your business is recognized and remembered.
Is there any business or mobile application you know which has no name?

“No” would be your obvious response. Any application you know would be by its name. Right? So, it is the name of the application that helps in identifying a business.

The business or any mobile application is initially known by its name and later the quality of services it offers, credibility, usage and other factors helps in building a brand out of a simple name.

So, having a perfect name is crucial and an entrepreneur cannot overlook the importance of the perfect mobile application name.

If you are also struggling to finalize a perfect name for your mobile app, here’s what you need to know:

1. Familiarity is a must

While choosing the name of a mobile application familiarity is an important feature that should be taken into consideration. It does not mean to have a name which is familiar to other competitive brand applications but to finalize the name by which users can connect themselves with.

Also, the name of your mobile application should be familiar to the offline business. If it does not go in accordance with the offline business, the users may find it difficult to trust your application. Also, it can affect your offline business. So, stay vigilant while considering this characteristic.

2. Aim for ASO (app store optimization)

If you are in the process of finalizing the name for your business application and not thinking about ASO, believe me, you are not doing justice to the business and the application itself. App store optimization plays an important role in getting your application discovered. Trust me, with over 2 million applications on the app

3. Aim for a global reach

The mobile application name should have a global reach. The applications with localized, regional names tend to stay in a limit and have remote chances to make a mark beyond boundaries. While selecting an application name, make sure the name has cultural relevance and can be translated into other languages as well. The name should have international acceptance. So, choose a name which ads global value to your business.

4. Keep it simple and crisp

Long and complicated names will never be easy on the tongue. For online business, it is advised to keep the name short, simple and coherent. Long names do not sound pleasant and also diverts the user’s attention. In order to keep a unique name, do not rush for a long one as it will never serve the purpose. The name should be easy to pronounce and memorise. So, while finalizing the name of an application, make sure the name is engaging enough to be remembered by the users.

5. Do not copy the competitor’s name

Do not copy any existing name. Copying will certainly confuse the users and it can also land you in some legal issue. You can change the name a little bit. For instance, if it’s Fliker, you can change the name to FliCker. This will provide your application with a unique name and identity. But it is still advisable to create your own identity rather than using an already existing name.

6. The name should reflect the purpose

The name of a mobile application should reflect the purpose of your business. If your business is about clothing and you keep application name as FunTime, it will certainly not attract customers. Either the meaning of application name should mirror the type of business you deal in or the name itself should be a synonym. So, make sure the name rings a bell about the business you deal in. It is vital for a business to possess a name that itself speaks volumes.

7. Conduct a survey

It is advisable to select three four names at a time and then conduct a survey. Research is important because the users of the application will ultimately decide its success and failure. So, interact with people, talk about the application and look for feedback. The response will certainly help in finalizing the right name for your mobile application.

8. Do not use your own name

There was a time when people used to name their shops by their own name. Such practice cannot work in today’s internet sphere. If you want to create a global impact of your mobile application, finalize the name which is internationally accepted. Your own name will not add any value to your business. So, do not dare to take such a big risk. However, you can get creative by using your name by amalgamating it with any other prefix or suffix.

9. Let the name stand out

If you want your business to do wonders in a cut-throat competition, let the name of your mobile application stand out. A unique and creative name will make a first move towards the success of your business. So, while finalizing the name, be descriptive, not too general or vague. Let the name of your business mobile application make a mark in the mind of users. So, make sure the name stands out and is accepted largely.

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10. Make use of a logo

While selecting the name of an application, it is also important to build a logo. Yes, if you have an idea and are clear of what your application should look like, then deciding a name becomes a bit easier. So, deciding and creating a logo initially will not do any harm.

It will in fact assist you in keeping an impressive name for your business application. Start with a logo if you are struggling to finalize a perfect name for your business application. It can provide ideas and assist in naming an application too.

Choosing a brand name can be challenging but trust me it is one of the most interesting tasks. The fact is that deciding a name is the first step towards success and building a brand. There are other factors too responsible for the success of a business but getting the right name is surely the first and foremost one. Look up to the above-mentioned guidelines and go ahead in deciding a unique, perfect name for your business mobile application.

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