Top 10 Features Of The Perfect Pet Care Apps For Pet Parents
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Making The Perfect Pet Care Apps For Pet Parents: Top 10 Features

With days filled with deadlines and meetings and nights filled with anxiety about them, millennials are in desperate need of companionship. Some find it fulfilled by peers, and others choose pets to substitute relationships with people. One might adopt a pet out of a childhood dream of owning a pet that never came true or just out of their love for the furry friends. Whatever be the reason, the decision of getting a pet is a fulfilling one, ripe with adventure.

Nothing beats a long walk with your pet on a fresh dewy morning or the look on their faces when they know it is playtime! Cats and dogs offer unconditional love and camaraderie and provide a plethora of therapeutic aids such as improved general health and wellbeing; after all, who doesn’t like a cuddle from a furry friend at the end of a long, tiring day?

But when a full time working individual thinks of adopting a pet, he/she has a million other things to factor in till they can finally decide on it. This is where technology can come to their rescue and make the process of owning a pet hassle-free! A lot of pet care apps have cropped up recently allowing better caretaking of pets.

How can technology fill the gap between you wanting a pet, to actually bringing one home? Here are a few ideas that come to mind:

Information about the breed of your pet:

Imagine pet care apps that give you all the information you need about your pet with one click. Click a picture, upload it to the pet app and there you have it! Everything from its origin, scientific breed of the said pet and its genealogy, to the weight, height and other information. The climatic conditions that suit the pet the most, its lifespan, common health issues, feeding and exercise needs, and other crucial details that a pet parent must have before getting a pet, the pet care apps can help collate and curate.

Collect all health records/reports at a commonplace:

Medical history is as important for humans as is for animals. It helps in logging existing ailments to further progress or catch any new ailments and nip them in the bud. How do you keep track of your dog’s health records? Finding vital information can be time-consuming and in an emergency, nerve-wracking.

While we have dozens of health record apps to keep track of our health and/or fitness, why not have one for our four-legged friends? Imagine getting rid of all the hassle of keeping track of the last vaccine that your pet got or the last vet visit. Instead, choose a pet health care app where you can conveniently keep tabs on any allergies that your pet might have, its reports of any prior sickness, shots, medications or the next vet visit.

Track your pet’s growth:

The wellbeing of a pet is always a chief concern for a pet parent. Tacking a pet’s growth and observing their milestones is a good way to keep a check on their growth patterns.

Besides, it can be a great way of stashing away memories and the visual growth journey through the years of your pets. It would be a great asset to have an app where you:

  • Receive notifications on your pet’s physical progress.
  • An update every month showing how much your pet has grown and what it needs for proper growth.
  • Personalize your pet’s growth chart with a picture every month.

Online shopping:

E-commerce has already proved to be a boon for us. With last mile delivery solutions you really have nothing left to worry about. All your needs are just a tap away. E-commerce comes to our aid yet again as a one-stop shop for all your pet needs. A pet app that curates all your pet’s needs in one place based on its breed, age and modifies it according to changing weather conditions could be a real game changer.

Finding a vet near you:

Pet care apps that can come handy for pet owners are ones which alert you about vets and animal hospitals near you. Notifications about verified vets near you based on customer reviews and their specialties are such a help for a pet parent. Every pet parent has faced the hassle of narrowing down a good vet or animal hospital in a new neighborhood without any frame of reference.

It comes as a daunting experience for pet parents when you’re unsure about the vets in the area and don’t know who specialises in what. A pet health care app aimed at finding vets and animal hospitals near you classifying and listing reliable vets based on your search and makes this process easier, convenient and stress-free.

Online consultation with a registered vet:

Just like an on-call doctor is an old news, with online doctors available to tend to your medical queries, your pets should get all the medical help at their beck and call. Online consults are a great way to eliminate fears and worries about any issues your pet might be having. What do you do when you need advice but don’t have a vet you can speak with at that very minute.

Technology that helps you indulge in an in-depth conversation about all your queries. All your queries answered by experts in a jiffy. A pet health care app that schedules online consultations for your pets with a registered vet can help reduce a lot of trips saving you time and unnecessary botheration.

Training and counseling:

Like it or not when you get a pet there is a learning curve for both you and your pet. The whole process of getting groomed and learning to obey commands needs a lot of patience and time from both the pet parent and the pet itself. Here, apps that has a plethora of tips and tricks to train your furry friend can come to the rescue.

It can help tackle some of those less-than-ideal behaviors of your new furry friend, like barking and jumping up on friends as a greeting. All pet parents have a lot of questions and anxiety about the potty training bit with their pets. Pet apps can come to your rescue where a pet trainer can be consulted online and helping you groom and train your pet. It can come with easy to follow instructions, lessons ranging from basic to advance which can be taught with positive reinforcements.

Wearable technologies:

Does that pet sitter do his work? Was your pet fed? What about their evening stroll? As a pet parent who clocks in 9 hours at work all these questions are bound to pop up in your mind. But there is a very simple answer to these questions – wearable technology. Place a wearable tracker on your pet with their collar and never lose track.

Regardless of where you are, you can always be informed about your pet’s whereabouts with just a pet care app that is synced to the wearable device. In case your pet leaves or crosses a pre-defined safe area, the pet care app will immediately alert you.

Placing a QR code at the back of the wearable device can help provide the pet parent’s contact details to anyone who may find the pet that is lost. This could be a big step in getting that peace of mind and ensuring the security and safety of your pet.

Scheduling Appointments:

With a busy routine and a hectic work schedule, it is a pain to schedule your own appointments as is, add to that your furry friend needing vet visits and grooming. It can be quite hectic and a little assistance would definitely make a big difference. Here’s where technology can step in and come to your rescue.

Find yourself becoming forgetful? Fear not, you could have reminders sent to your phone about vet visits and when the next vaccination is due. It would be great if you could get all your pet records synced to the cloud and also connect with the best vet clinics around you with one tap. Here’s how a pet scheduling app can help you:

  • Convenient online instant scheduling.
  • See when your next appointment is scheduled.
  • Being notified through text messages after your visit.
  • Automated voice messages for appointment reminders or updates when your pet is in the clinic.

Emergency services:

A lot of times there can be accidents that your pet can get involved in, resulting in severe injuries and causing a threat to their life. Transportation to an animal hospital in an emergency can be of great help in such times and be the reason behind your pet leading a longer life.

A pet health care app that is made for such medical emergencies, could be a game-changer. This pet health care app could help you get connected to vets, animal hospitals near you. Alert an ambulance and send it your way while you click a picture of the injury and upload it to the health care app for the vets to figure out a plan of action.

The vets could also inform you about the steps that you could take to help stabilize the situation of your pet. Instead of a haphazard or random order as is in a Google search, the pet health care app can list the helpline numbers according to your location which comes in handy, making this nerve-wracking situation for the owner a little less stressful.

Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, but technology can help you out today. With cutting edge technology and solutions that help you manage the life of your pet better, leaving you with plenty of time to spend relishing the company of your pets. Technology can make a huge impact on the way we lead our lives, as well as that of our pets. Let’s make the best of the resources at our disposal and help our furry friends enjoy their time with us to the fullest.


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  2. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

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