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Industry Trends on Pet Health Tech

Technology today touches every facet of our lives. From our shoes to the way we lock our homes, nearly everything today has some smart element built into it that helps our lives for the better. In this mad race for a smarter life, why should pets be left behind?

The pet tech products industry has been growing at a rapid pace. With sales crossing $500 million in 2018 alone, the pet tech industry shows no signs of slowing down this year either. Pet tech today is partly driven by our new lifestyles and partly by the cultural change that is affecting the products available today.

Smart food

Nutrition is the first step to health. Customers today want their pet to be healthy and they are willing to go to any extent for it. With information available on pet healthcare apps about what is most important for your pooch, pet owners want only the freshest, made-to-order diets for their beloved pets and they do not mind the cost involved.

Brands like PetPlate help millennials buy premium pet food that can help your pet get the best that is there in the pet food world. Smart pet bowls and feeders ensure that this food is not wasted, and appropriate amounts of food and water are consumed by your pooch. Pet breed, BMI, and health-specific foods are the future of the pet nutrition industry, set to take the pet world by storm.

Niche Brands

With niche players now poised to disrupt the pet tech industry and the pet healthcare industry today, pet owners are literally spoilt for choice. Brands like Chewy and Amazon pet care, along with eCommerce platforms for our furry friends like PetCommerce are popular choices with the pet parents of the new millennium.

While these platforms mainly offer convenience to pet owners by helping them order products online, they also ensure that you can now do so much more with your pet than you could ever before. Social interactions between pets and pet owners help people exchange valuable information and insights.


With wearables making waves in the tech world, it was only time until these devices made it to the pet tech industry. Activity trackers and linked pet healthcare apps provide real-time meaningful data to pet owners so that they stay in command, no matter where they are.

Wearables and Apps like FitBark can help you understand your pooch’s routine, ensuring that it gets optimal sleep, workout, and food. With the capability to share this information with a vet, these devices take vet tech and pet healthcare to the next level.


Toys are important for pets as they keep pets engaged. Smart toys today can ensure that your pet stays involved with one chore or the other throughout the day while you are at work. Treat dispensing devices like CleverPetHub has a treat-dispensing capability that has increasing levels of difficulty to ensure that your pet does not get bored. They also ensure that your pet does more than just sit around and snooze all day.

Other smart toys like Pebby Smart Ball can ensure that you can play with your pup while you’re away! The connected device can be maneuvered using a smartphone, ensuring that you’re enjoying playing with your pet as much as the pet is enjoying playing with the ball.


Apps like dogTV help pets stay entertained while the owners are away. This is especially good for aged pets or larger pets that might not wish to run around with a ball. Numerous communicative technologies have also cropped up that let dogs interact with their owners via a screen so that the pooch does not feel lonely.

End of Life

As life beings, so must it end. The same is for pets. Although a sad reality, many products today can help ease your pet’s passing. Products and services aimed at palliative care for pets that are terminally ill to pet cemeteries and pet crematorium services and grief consulting services along with support groups, there is much available to help you and your beloved pet cope with this difficult transition.

The pet healthcare and pet tech industries are still at a nascent stage and are growing. As they strive to make the lives of pets and pet owners better, they are also creating a whole new world that focuses on your furry friends and their lives more than ever before. The marriage of technology and pet care has been a healthy one. As newer disruptors crop up by the year, we can only wait for the number of revolutions this industry will witness in the near future.


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