Pet Health Tech Solutions - Why do pet owners need it?
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Pet Health Tech Solutions – The Why?

Pet health is a very important factor for pet owners. As pets are considered a part of the family, most pet owners are willing to go to any length to ensure the well-being of their furry friends. Today, there is no industry in the world that has not been directly or indirectly affected and enhanced by technology.

From pottery to sewing to aviation, every industry in the world benefits from the advent of modern technology and is enhanced by it in many ways. The pet industry, particularly pet health care has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. This industry too has not been left untouched by technology. Pet technologies and pet tech products like pet health care apps and pet medical record apps are highly sought after.

E-commerce has helped pet owners purchase pet products online and read user reviews prior to purchase, enabling them to make informed business decisions. There are many reasons that compel a pet owner to seek information online or from a health app. Some of these reasons include

  1. A desire for pet longevity: We love our pets and would want them to lead healthy, fulfilled lives. There are a lot of questions in the minds of pet owners regarding the health of their pooches and how to enhance their lifespan. Pet technologies like wearables for infestation protection, informative apps and other pet tech products can help increase the lifespan of your pooch.
  2. Training pets and grooming them: Grooming and training are important for pets and owners alike. Pet health tech helps pet parents with proper information about when to train their pets so that they can stop exhibiting undesirable behavior and understand how to adapt to their owners. Pet owners also need to understand the trainability of their pets and their need to be groomed. Proper information can go a long way in assisting and advising pet owners about how a pet should be groomed and trained. A pet grooming app can go a long way in providing this information.
  3. Emergency situations: Animals cannot talk. This fact alone makes them more vulnerable to diseases and health issues that sometimes require immediate attention. With the availability of information and the ability of mobile apps to place calls or get information on demand, pet owners can get through to a vet during an emergency and understand if they require to be brought in or if a vet needs to visit.
  4. Vets on-call: With the internet and its availability around the world increasing by the minute, vets on call is a very important feature that can aid pet owners 24/7. Leveraging the power of pet vet tech, vets around the world can be available for a consult at nearly all times, there could always be someone available when you want it the most.
  5. Health and nutrition: Most pets get diseases or health issues due to improper diet and unplanned nutrition. The needs of pets are totally different from those of their owners, and a pet health care app or website that can provide breed-specific information can go a long way in information pet owners about what they can do to ensure that their pet is always healthy and at their playful best. Pet health techs can come to the rescue to assist us with proper health and nutritional information.
  6. Medical Records: Most pet owners lose track of when to vaccinate their pets. They also cannot remember where the last veterinary prescription is, causing problems for the vet to figure out what medication and vaccination were delivered last.

Come pet vet tech to the rescue! Apps that can keep a track of vaccination records and alert pet owners about the kind of vaccination needed by their pet and its frequency along with alerts can go a long way in ensuring that your pat stays protected from dangerous diseases. Health documents saved online ensure that no time is wasted while providing care to your beloved pet in the time of need.

Although this is a very short list and the reasons to look for a pet health app could be in the hundreds, from our conversations with dozens upon dozens of pet owners, these were the top 6 reasons why people turn to technology when it comes to pets.

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