Intelligent Mobile Apps: The future of Mobile App Industry
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Intelligent Mobile Apps -The Future Of Mobile App Industry

Technology has changed the way we experience the world around us. While many fear that the smartphone industry may decline in the coming years, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The smartphone industry is now driven by mobile apps.

The mobile app industry is expected to grow and generate revenue of $190 billion by 2020. This number is inspired by hardcore facts, for example, an average smartphone user may use 30 apps per month. Imbibing new age technology and marrying it with mobile apps is the ideal outcome. Intelligent mobile apps lie in the crux of this industry’s growth and development.

Outsourcing mobile app development can go a long way in accelerating the scope of business and your interaction with your customers. 

What are intelligent apps? 

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for the digital marketing industry. Mobile apps aren’t too far behind in this context. Mobile apps are now witnessing the much-needed infiltration from the artificial intelligence segment. The possibilities are now endless.

The interaction between artificial intelligence and mobile apps are quintessentially known as intelligent apps. How do these differ from the current apps you ask?

Well, these apps offer a range of value-added services and response mechanisms that call for interactive user experience. Listed below are 4 reasons why intelligent mobile apps that are redefining the mobile app industry.

Personalized user experience

In intelligent mobile apps, the backend of a mobile app needs to be a multi-tasking machine. This app is expected to review how the user is responding to the app. Engagement levels and retention rates are used to analyze this.

Based on the real-time data that is being collected, the app needs to pivot the experience it provides.

The foundation of a personalized user experience lies in understanding the ‘Buyer Persona’. The ‘Buyer Persona’ is your ideal client, how do they think?

What are their preferences?. Getting under your users’ skin is the best way to get maximum outcome out of your mobile app. Intelligent apps are here to provide their users with an interactive, personalized user rich experience. 

The perfect assistant 

Gone are the days when assistants were solely for the rich and mighty. Technology giants have changed the way we lead our daily lives thanks to virtual assistants! You can make appointments, schedule calls and set reminders (everything that an assistant does). 

Chatbots are here to streamline the process for you and your user. Chatbots are currently capable of handling first level queries and providing solutions. This allows you to redirect your customer to the logical solution on a primary level.

E.g., if you need a product replacement, instead of going about the hassle of going through the order history yourself, your chatbox will do it for you.

Thus the user ends up experiencing a smooth hassle-free experience that encourages them to shop via your app once again. Virtual assistants are an indispensable aspect of intelligent apps.

Adobe suggests, 28% of leading companies use AI for marketing, approximately 31% plan to use AI in the next 12 months.

The real experience

Irrespective of how much we try to make the virtual world real, there are limitations to it. Not anymore. With augmented reality becoming mainstream the virtual world is going to get as real as it can.

Intelligent apps are now out to provide an augmented reality experience that plays a better role in convincing the user to use the product or service. For instance, objects such as spectacle frames or lip shades were always objected that people were reluctant to buy online.

This is because the user needs to experience how the product looks on them. With augmented reality, the user can post their image or in real-time experience how the lip shade looks on them without even trying it.

Virtually trying of the apparel is changing the way people shop online. The implications of using augmented reality are endless and intelligent apps are leading the way here. 

Predicting their way to glory

The most basic function of any intelligent mobile app would be to nail predictive analysis. Intelligent apps would be here to think before your user thinks. Based on previous interactions and data collected the user cheat sheet is ready.

Each user’s preferences, each users’ likes and dislikes can be used to promote how they experience an app or a service. For instance, if your user prefers purchasing a dessert each time they order their favorite pasta, the next time they order pasta, the intelligent app will also suggest their favorite dessert.

Isn’t that all we are looking for? Someone who understands us as well as intelligent apps do.  Due to machine learning and technological advancements, the app doesn’t give solutions out of context.

The app is here to filter out the right from the wrong and make an ‘intelligent decision’ about your preferences. 

Mobile app development services are easily available across platforms. However, the difference lies in making a smart decision about choosing one that can leverage your business with intelligent apps.

Many companies may be able to create a mobile app for themselves, but an intelligent app? Not so common! Consider outsourcing mobile app development to get the best from experts.

Use intelligent mobile apps to change the way your business performs by understanding its customers better. This is the quickest and smartest way to provide a positive customer interaction experience. 

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