On-Demand Home Service: Customer Success Story From Kuwait
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On-Demand Home Service: Customer Success Story From Kuwait

For us at Jus’Click, it was all about finding a development partner that can deliver. We had tried our hands at outsourcing our app development earlier, but the experience was not up to the mark and we ended up being at the losing end. As a client, timely delivery, protection of intellectual property, and a talented team are the most important points to consider for us. Most outsourcing companies around the world focus on a singular aspect – low cost.

In our experience, low-cost alternatives can sometimes put you at a disadvantage by having sub-standard development teams, not meeting deadlines, and put you at risk of losing your intellectual property or the team cloning your idea soon.

When we met the Volumetree team, we instantly understood that they are professional, well-managed, and quality, development team. Their impressive product portfolio and reviews from real clients was something that made us lean towards the from the companies that we were considering. What sealed the deal for us was their offer of being our technology partners.

As a technology partner, we can rely on Volumetree to complete the projects we supply to them and the experience in the last two years has been nothing short of fantastic.

Their product development team has delivered time and again, and in some cases accepted even borderline unreasonable demands from our side, ensuring that the project is delivered within the deadline.

Here are the top 4 things that we think are the best about working with Volumetree:

Meeting Deadlines

Team Volumetree ensures that they discuss and establish accomplishable deadlines, with some buffer to accommodate any changes to the project. We loved this about their team as they managed to beat the deadline nearly every single time. If a deadline breach was inevitable, we were informed well in advance so that we could align our marketing and other launch-critical tasks accordingly.

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Providing Inputs And Feedback

Unlike other companies that have an instruction-development-delivery model, project managers from Volumetree are actively involved with us at all times, treating our project as their own. They ensure that the feature is done right the first time around and add items that we may have missed. They look at the project from a holistic perspective, ensuring that all aspects are taken care of.


Many outsourcing and dedicated team partners fall short on this parameter. Volumetree has promised and delivered support for the next two versions of the mobile platforms they created the product on. This reassured us that we were working with them for the long haul and that this was not a one-off project for them. Their support all through has been fantastic and commendable.

Committed To Customer Success

Volumetree has been the most customer-centric team that we have worked with. Their idea of a successful project is the success of their customer with their deliverables. We saw them completely change our viewpoints on how a company one outsources projects to can become a partner in your success.

In the last two years, we have been a part of Volumetree’s journey from a modest team of a few experienced developers to over 50 members today and they are continuing their journey of success with us. 

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