How Tech Continues To Solve Problems Across The World?
How Tech Continues To Solve Problems Across The World

Tech For Good: How Tech Continues To Solve Problems Across The World?

Humans have been using technology to solve problems since the dawn of time. Whether this was the invention of the wheel, the usage of stone tools for hunting, or the creation of hanging gardens, technology has always been at the forefront in solving problems for mankind. 

In modern times, the role of technology in problem-solving is multi-faceted. As a broad term, technology encompasses all aspects of our lives, including:

  • Medicine 
  • Transportation and logistics 
  • Education
  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • Entertainment
  • Governance
  • Weather
  • Communication
  • And many more

Here are some forward-thinking ways in which technology has been solving problems for mankind:

  • Medicine

Medicine has always benefitted from advancements in technology. Coupled with the power of the internet, AI, IoT, and sensors, technology has removed barriers of time location from healthcare. Innovations like telemetry and telemedicine have allowed doctors to be present on-demand all over the world, ensuring quality healthcare for all.

Technology is also driving innovation in trying times by helping the world devise a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus faster than ever before.

  • Education

Technology and education go hand-in-hand. Education helps the base for the next generation of problem solvers. These problem solvers have removed geographical limitations from learning. EduTech, or educational technology is empowering schools, colleges, and universities across the world to ensure quality education for all. Centers of learning can now offer self-paced learning for adults, distance learning for those who are far away from the location of the classroom and continuing education for those who had dropped out, all at the click of a button.EdTech.

  • Transportation and Logistics

Logistics and transportation are the mainstays of mankind—they ensure that goods can reach from production centers to consumption centers in time. Whether the mode of logistics is air, ground, rail, or sea, technology plays a major role in ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of our transportation systems. 

Coupling IoT with AI and GPS, modern technology ensures that transportation fleets conserve the environment by using shorter routes, staying within speed limits, and ensuring timely service of their vehicles. Technology also solves the problems of half-load and reverse logistics by matching truckers with shippers.

  • Governance

Governance is simplified using technology. As an increasing number of police forces use body cams, drones and other high-tech equipment to ensure transparency and commitment of service, crime rates have reduced and incidents of police violence are now sporadic.

  • Entertainment and communication

Entertainment helps us relax and take our mind off work and other mundane activities that we do throughout our day. Technologies like AI, IPTV, and live streaming help us stay informed and entertained at all times. Mobile phones are our constant companions today, helping us stay in touch with our families and friends, and ensuring that we can now do general tasks without needing a computer. These tasks include listening to music that we like, finding recipes while cooking, or even getting to know what is on TV.

  • Weather

Weather, remote sensing, and predictions have been enhanced with the advent of modern technology. What was once solely for the consumption of news channel weather reports is now available at our fingertips, helping us plan trips, get out and about, or deciding what to wear the next day! Weather services go a long way in ensuring that we stay safe, healthy, and ready for our next vacay!

  • Communication 

Communication has been the number one reason for technology adoption around the world. What started with the wired telephone has now changed into mobile phones, becoming our constant companion for work, school, staying in touch, reading, listening to music, and much, much more. In short, technology has reduced a whole room of communication equipment into the palm of our hands.

  • Longevity

Accidental deaths are soon poised to be a thing of the past. With driverless cars like Tesla already on our roads, the day is not far when accidental deaths due to human error would be in single-digits.

  • Personal security

With gun violence on the rise, smart guns that require wearing sensors or using owner identification are already available and are poised to be the next revolution in personal safety.

  • Carbon-free energy

Clean energy has been the dream of mankind since time immemorial. With solar energy and electric vehicles and nuclear power on the rise, consumers are gunning for clean, sustainable energy to power our homes and industries. This will loosen the fossil-fuel industry’s grip on the world and ensure a cleaner, greener, and better planet for our generations to come.

Technology can be used in many ways—for good, to help mankind and in disruptive ways. However, modern technology is now working on solutions that will help the world become a well-connected, better educated, cleaner, and more peaceful place to live in. 

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