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Android update 4.0

New Features In Android Studio 4.0 – Latest Update

Android Studio 4.0: The next best thing to—sliced bread Android studio 3! 

If you are a developer trying to make the best of the lockdown and are churning out one amazing app after the other, here is some reason to rejoice! Android Studio 4.0 has now been released and features some amazing new features!

The interesting stuff!

  • Black (XML) Magic! Motion Editor

If you love in-app funky MotionLayout animations, you’re in luck! Gone are the days when you had to create those pesky XML files to design your animations! With the new Motion Editor, these files are magically generated for you, letting you create complex animations using a click-and-drag interface! 

  • Compound Eyes 3D Layout Inspector

The new 3D layout inspector lets you generate a live preview of the design of your app in 3D (duh!) and the amazing upgraded Layout Validation will help you view the UI across various screen dimensions. Sorta like the compound or matrix vision in a housefly!

  • Smarter editor for R8 rules

The Android studio now provides smart editor features that include error checking, syntax highlighting and completion while creating R8 rule files.

This will reduce the number of mouse clicks you make before carpal tunnel syndrome sets in! Haha!

The boring bits and bobs!

  • Support for Kotlin DSL script files (.kts)

Kotlin build scripts are now supported by the Project Structure dialog and offer a full suite of quick fixes.

  • Build Analyzers, CPU profilers and Java 8 language APIs

Say goodbye to misconfigured and outdated tasks with Google’s new build analyser that will highlight naughty plugins and tasks that are delaying build time. 

To an exhaustive and sometimes boring description of every new change in the Android Studio 4.0 in excruciating detail, click here.

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