How Delivery Apps Are Supporting Restaurants During Pandemic?
Food delivery Apps - Restaurants During Pandemic

How Delivery Apps Are Supporting Restaurants During Pandemic?

The coronavirus has hit the world hard. Entire economies have crumbled, countries have locked down and businesses are shut. With social distancing and isolation being the new normal, most people are re-thinking their eating habits. As markets are shut, most businesses cannot foresee footfall resumption soon. Restaurants that rely on footfall are especially hit, as they cannot get any customers in at all. In these trying times, what can your business do to survive?

The mobile revolution to the rescue

Most governments around the world have allowed home-delivery of necessities to ensure that the public does not drain markets dry. With most customers being wary of going to stores anyway, restauranteurs are either relying on unscientific methods such as ordering on WhatsApp or phone and then delivering to customers for cash or going with delivery aggregators that are helping them deliver products to their customers for a small fee. According to recent statistics, the number of restaurants that have switched to third-party delivery apps has gone up to 70%.

How do delivery aggregators help restaurants?

The model is simple. People in apartments without kitchens need to eat, restaurants, and food stores need customers. It is a win-win situation. These delivery aggregators have riders that pick up material from the seller and deliver to the customer for a fee.

How do this help businesses and restaurants? How is this better than the order on phone system?

Businesses and restaurants now do not need to get a delivery fleet just for the lockdown. These delivery apps already have an in-built ordering system that helps businesses and customers. The delivery fleet is paid by the aggregator, reducing that overhead from your accounts. You pay a set cost per delivery.

What about safety?

Most aggregators take care of employee safety by providing them kits to ensure that they stay safe. Employees are supposed to follow a sanitization regimen religiously and are screened multiple times a day to ensure the safety of customers and businesses. Contactless delivery also helps in reducing infection spread.

Can they deliver everywhere?

Delivery apps mostly have their systems already set up to deliver goods around the city. They have set delivery radius plans which help restaurants deliver food to their customers.

How will people know I am delivering?

Due to the sheer volume of people using their apps, delivery aggregators can help your restaurant show up higher in search results with sponsored ads, curated lists, and daily specials. You get advertising, payments, and delivery bundled into one solution.

How do customers know that my restaurant follows all safety norms?

Delivery apps like Swiggy, GrubHub, and many others have safety badges for restaurants that help them showcase their safety practices and get rewarded by better list results.

What about payments?

Most delivery aggregators have payment systems built-in to their app that can help them get payments digitally and completely remove cash from the delivery flow, eradicating yet another way that may spread infections.

How does this help anyone else except me?

Using the delivery aggregator’s app helps the aggregator keep paying his delivery team, helping them run their family. This also helps the software development company making the app for them, the marketing company handling the delivery aggregator’s marketing, the businesses that supply to restaurants and farmers who are struggling to sell their produce. In short, a small change can work wonders for your economy and help scores of people with just one little change in the way you work.

Technology has always been at the forefront in times of crisis. During the coronavirus pandemic, technology is helping people stay safe with tracer apps, getting home delivery of essentials, and helping them get the information they need at their fingertips. With such benefits, why should your restaurant stay behind?

Companies like Volumetree are helping budding entrepreneurs and restaurants jump the app bandwagon and reap the benefits of technology to help themselves and others. Are you interested in creating a food delivery app like Zomato? Send an email to and one of our consultants will get in touch with you shortly to discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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