New 5 Apps Launched During The Coronavirus Pandemic
New Apps Launched During The Coronavirus Pandemic

New Apps Launched During The Coronavirus Pandemic

When news of the Coronavirus pandemic broke, people around the world were oblivious to its virulence and the relentless fury with which infections would spread. With over 2 million people infected and nearly 170,000 dead, this virus is showing no signs of slowing down. Although many countries have claimed to control it, time is the ultimate test to see if their measures have actually worked out.

Although the IT industry around the world was negatively impacted by this pandemic, things have slowly bumped back with companies now being able to streamline operations, and most managements have come to terms with the fact that the effects of this pandemic are long-term and a work-from-home arrangement is here to stay. 

App development companies, however, have had a field day creating apps for businesses who needed one, or specific to domains these app development companies had a niche in, keeping in mind a massive population of users who are now confined to their homes and have a mobile phone handy at all times.

Here is a list of some new apps that launched in various domains since January:


Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. finally launched a long-awaited app for its online retail banking arm called Marcus. Although Marcus had been launched as an online bank way back in 2016, the app was the one component that was missing from the bank’s arsenal. The app is currently only available on the Apple App Store. With thousands of reviews and an equally high number of users currently using the app, more are expected to be on the way when the Android version is unveiled.


Facebook Gaming

The latest foray in the world of gaming apps has been of the Social Media giant Facebook. The app went live on the 20th of April and has already garnered over 5 million+ active users. Facebook is looking towards moving most of its 700 million+ users from the website to the app in the coming months. The Android version of the app has been launched and the iOS version is coming soon.


Socratic by Google

Socratic is an educational app for children and adults that lets you take pictures of math problems and provides you a step-by-step guide to solve it. Considered to be a competition for Microsoft Math, this app focuses on school-level mathematics. With 1 million+ users, this app is gaining popularity really fast with users growing by the day.

Dr Seuss’s ABC

This app uses gamification to keep children engaged along with providing content from the extremely popular Dr Seuss lineup for books. With a unique sandbox AR mode that allows kids to place characters in their environs using the camera viewfinder, this app has quickly become very popular amongst little children.

Online Storage


Autosync is an online cloud storage management app for multiple storage clients. This app lets users sync files and folders from those services to their device and back without additional input from the users. Launched yesterday, this app has already garnered more than a thousand downloads and is growing rapidly.

Mobile Wallpapers


Colartive is a color wallpaper generator app that leverages the concept of creative color combinations. This app uses algorithms that work on your choice of color to produce stunning, high-resolution color wallpapers for your mobile phone.

COVID Tracing

With the Coronavirus taking over social media, our lives, and almost everything else, it was only natural that apps that help individuals during this crisis start showing up on the app-o-sphere. Here are the top official apps that help with contact tracing:


Launched by the Government of Singapore, this app was considered Singapore’s gift to the world. Unleashing the role of technology in helping people check their symptoms and keeping them safe, this app helped Singaporeans keep infection levels down by staying away from infected individuals and hotspots.

Aarogya Setu

This wildly popular app developed by the Government of India was inspired by TraceTogether and has already gathered over 50 million downloads in the first month of its launch. 

ContactTracing initiative by Google and Apple

“Apple and Google want to turn your phone into a Covid-tracking machine”

This soon-to-be-launched app and platform is a result of the partnership between the two giants. It will help in a privacy-conserving method for contact tracing.

In addition to this list, thousands of new apps of nearly every vertical have cropped as companies are going into overdrive to ensure that they can best exploit the lockdown and enhance their user base as much as possible. As the world has gone into overdrive when it comes to lockdowns, it is important that if you have an idea, you must implement it while the lockdown is still in effect, helping people who are at home become your initial users and then build on it as the lockdown eases.

Involving a good development partner like Volumetree can go a long way in ensuring that your idea can quickly be turned into a solution that can get your idea the success it deserves. If you have an idea that you believe can make a difference, send an email to and help create an impact.

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