Technology Role In Animal Psychotherapy
Animal psyschotherapy

Technology Role In Animal Psychotherapy

Animals, like humans, are social animals. They live in family units and groups that allow them to bond with each other. When animals are adopted as pets, they exhibit the same behavior as a pack by being a part of a human family. Such behavior is important for animals to adapt to the human way of life.

The behavior of an animal is just another attribute of its beauty. However, many animal behaviors might be unacceptable for humans and our society in general today. We try to force our ways onto animals and this sometimes leads to a behavioral clash between humans and animals.

Animals also suffer from behavioral problems just like humans. They exhibit anxiety, anger, fear, love, longing and all those emotions that humans exhibit. A lot of times such animal behavior is unacceptable to us due to the way animals try to express their current situation. Animal behavior therapists and psychotherapy have risen as a career option as our understanding of animals increases and we wish for them to be healthier.

Business Models

Technology today plays a vital role in the animal psychotherapy field. The technology-based animal psychotherapy models include automated dosage dispensers, online trainers and therapists. All these work in tandem to enhance pet behavior.

Market Players

Although the animal behavior therapy and psychotherapy market is mostly segmented with individual therapists running the show, there are some tech players that have come up in this field. These include:


Considered the original pet health tech behavioral therapy model, this service ensures that your pet’s behavior is at its best. Using time-proven methods, this regimen motivates and encourages your pet’s behavior to be at its best at all times.

Automatic Pill Timer

This tunes into the need for medication in pets. With an automated timer and set alarms, this also ensures therapy by means of medicine and training, helping your pet become responsive to commands and also assisting senior pets with mistakes.


Felcana is a smart clinical-grade activity monitor that analyzes pet behavior and provides feedback and tips to pet owners that can further opt for psychotherapy if needed.

Revenue model

The revenue models of most psychotherapy models involve personalized sessions and subscription services. The primary psychotherapy business model is Behavioural Therapy sessions organized online or offline by Vet Techs. This business model involves one-time fee payment and subscription services for continued therapy.

These at-home services are a major revenue booster for pet behavioral therapy services. As more and more millennials opt for behavioral therapy to ensure pet tolerance across households, at-home behavioral therapy has become a major revenue booster for most pet tech services. Offering these services at convenient times helps vets and pet owners to ensure pet health in the comfort of their homes.

Secondary Revenue Model

“Medication Delivery and automatic dispensing” Psychotherapy sessions often involve dispensing medication. Therapies that involve medication involve automated medicine dispensers and medicine delivery services as an alternative revenue model.

Pet health and Pet health tech have gone hand in hand to ensure that pet owners and pets stay in the best of health and provide each other the love and affection they desire from each other.

With Pet tech coming into the forefront of pet healthcare today, behavioral and other forms of therapy have become the backbone of the veterinary industry.

As vets and behavioral tech vets are in short supply globally, the pet tech industry has geared up to help us finding an available representative at the time that is most convenient to us.

Fuelled by the demand of millennials, the involvement of pet health tech in pet psychotherapy is a match made in heaven as these services can be mutually beneficial and ensure availability, reliability and logging which is visual and available at the pet owner’s fingertips at all times.


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