Technology – a need to drive business growth
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Technology – a need to drive business growth

Since the dawn of time, man has strived for excellence using technology. The discovery of tools and the development of technology to help us simplify our lives is visible today in everything we do. From kitchen appliances to medical advancements and communication, technology is helping us lead longer, healthier, happier lives.

Time saved by technology is now spent with family, friends and staying in touch instead of performing laborious, repetitive tasks.

Using technology to lead an easier, more comfortable life

Without mechanized tools, gardening would take hours or even days to complete. Raking a front yard or mowing a large lawn would use up the better part of the day. The advent of mechanized lawn mowers and leaf blowers has helped gardeners perform these tasks in an hour or two at most. Robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, blenders and ovens have simplified housework dramatically. Time saved by technology is now spent with family, friends and staying in touch instead of performing laborious, repetitive tasks.

Increasing the adoption rates of modern devices

More and more research activities today are focused on improving the customer experience of a product. As devices get simpler, an increasing number of people are now using them, directly increasing sales and brand recognition. The advent of smartphones and mobile apps has brought service-based industries such as housekeeping services, professional cleaners and banking to our fingertips—dramatically improving adoption rates.

Many professional housekeeping and home improvement services now allow you to virtually transform your home while you’re away.

Mobile apps—revolutionizing home services for you

Home services mobile apps allow you to specify services for each room of your home or workplace, saving time spent in explaining the work to a contractor or the workforce. This also enables service providers to maintain a list of jobs needed for each room as specified by the customer to reduce any overheads and lapses. This also helps people save time, as they can enjoy their vacations and come back to a clean and refreshed home or workplace.

Eating healthier food and reducing food waste

Food has been affected by technology like never before. Restaurants and food delivery services use mobile applications and food ordering aggregator platforms to ensure that orders can be received in real-time, reducing confusion and extra orders. This also allows a service provider to stop providing a service when they run out of stock, enhancing their customer experience. Technologies like RFID have helped individuals and providers reduce waste by up to 80%, ensuring that leftovers reach the needy and do not get thrown away. Food preservation has further helped home-makers and farmers ensure that food reaches the plate in the freshest state possible. Enhancements to transportation and food preservation technologies have helped in improving the shelf life of food products, directly affecting our quality of life.

Living healthier lives and reducing mortality rates

The field of medicine has benefited greatly from technology. Life-threatening situations have been reduced to outpatient procedures today. Connectivity has helped doctors help people across borders. Assisting other medical professionals via instant messaging and video is now commonplace. Surgeons today can perform surgeries that earlier took hours, in minutes thanks to technology. Simple surgeries like those for gallstones and stents are now nearly outpatient procedures that let patients go home the same day. The time and effort saved by technology in this field allow medical professionals to improve disease outcomes and increase our longevity. Wearable smart devices have also reduced the necessity of patients to be confined to a hospital room.

Revolutionizing transportation and logistics for a greener tomorrow

In logistics and transport, technology has helped reduce accidents, optimize routes and reduce delivery time. Customers can now view real-time data about the whereabouts of their packages instead of relying on updates from the service provider. The availability of real-time weather data and route optimization has also helped shipping companies avoid potential transportation hazards.

Bringing quality education to everyone

Technology has empowered the field of education greatly. Students and professionals can now learn at their own pace, and educators can provide education to innumerable numbers of students without being physically present at that location. Parents can now know the real-time location of their children’s school transport, helping them reduce wait times at pick-up and drop-off. 

Travelling in style—now in your hands

For individuals, finding a taxi or a shared cab has never been easier. Services like Uber, Share-a-cab, and Ola help individuals find taxis everywhere around the world. Carpooling and taxi sharing services like Lyft and Bandwagon help people save money and reduce their carbon footprint by sharing resources.

Stay safe wherever you are

Technology also helps us feel secure. Security cameras now beam data directly to the cloud, helping security professionals reduce crime rates and acting as a deterrent to intrusions and thefts. Robotic watchdogs can identify company employees from intruders using RFID tags, ensuring safety by reducing intrusions and thefts.

Barrier-free communication

Man is a social animal. Technology has made the most significant impact on our need to communicate. Live news broadcasts help us know what is happening worldwide in seconds, which has helped mobilize relief efforts in seconds instead of days in natural calamities.

Families can now interact with each other visually, no matter where they are around the globe. This has brought families together, helping them interact with each other in ways they could never do before. Social networks like Facebook help people connect with those they were not in touch with for decades. Today’s mobile telephones can act as a one-in-all tool that enables you to communicate with anyone instantly. Technology has also had a significant impact on social obligations. Gifts for weddings and other life events can be scheduled ahead of time and delivered on time, ensuring that you do not miss an event, even if you are unavailable.

Technology has touched and improved every facet of our lives. Whether we are an end-user of technology or a service provider, we can offer better and more reliable services than what we could do before. What is stopping you from embracing advanced technology solutions for your business? Share the challenges you face with us.


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