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Web app downtime - solution by our CTO Volumetree

Web App Downtime – Solution By Volumetree CTO

A web app is usually the first step a brand takes toward marketing itself and its products or services. With nearly 35% of year-end sales now being done online, a Web App for retailers and other businesses is considered as important as their brand identity. For some, their Web App is their brand identity. Web App downtime is an often ignored but a real issue that plague nearly any Web App in the world. A …

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Start a dog training business - Volumetree

Start a Dog Training Business – Volumetree

Dogs, our loyal furry companions are frequently spotted everywhere. They are the most common pets. In fact, dogs are synonymous with the word ‘pet’. When in conversation someone mentions a pet, it’s common to assume they must be talking about a dog. Besides being adorable and independent dogs are great resources for the differently-abled. Dogs prove to be great assets for the police department and are great guards of their territory even as pets at …

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Mobile pet grooming - Volumetree

Mobile Pet Grooming Apps

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. This is true for both humans and pets alike. As disposable incomes are on the rise, so are the number of services that millennials require for their pets today. For business owners, this is a major problem as most of their customers are the urban youths that might not have time to visit their store but would want services at a time and place of their choice. Independent …

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Technology Role in animal psyschotherapy - Volumetree

Technology Role In Animal Psychotherapy

Animals, like humans, are social animals. They live in family units and groups that allow them to bond with each other. When animals are adopted as pets, they exhibit the same behavior as a pack by being a part of a human family. Such behavior is important for animals to adapt to the human way of life. The behavior of an animal is just another attribute of its beauty. However, many animal behaviors might be …

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How much does it cost to build a mobile app for pet - Volumetree

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Mobile App For Pets – Pet Tech To The Rescue

A mobile app is all the rage today. From apps to order bread online to booking air tickets, there’s an app for nearly everything. This technology has permeated into our lives and now governs nearly every aspect of what we do daily. Mobile apps are especially popular with millennials, who spend 90% of their time browsing the internet on their handheld devices. Another new trend amongst millennials is to keep a pet. With disposable incomes …

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Online meal Subscription for pets - Volumetree

Online Meal Delivery Subscription For Pets

The world has come a long way since the economic meltdown in 2008. As economies have stumbled back to a path of growth and markets have risen, so has the amount of disposable income available with people. This has given rise to a new set of pet owners- those who are willing to go to any lengths to get the best for their pooch. Just like us, pets have specific nutritional needs. No two pet …

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