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Delivering Food Safely During COVID-19

Delivering Food Safely During COVID-19

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has forced people into isolation, making everyday life a little more complicated than usual. Although, the impact of the coronavirus can be seen across industries the sector affected the most by far has been food and beverage. As people stay increasingly indoors, many food chains have either run out of business or have been forced to shut down.

Footfall in restaurants and cafes declined by 75% in Latin America, whereas in North America, Western Europe, India and Middle Eastern markets saw a decline of over 90% by the end of March.

According to the National Restaurant Association of India, the food industry is estimated at INR 4 trillion and provides direct employment to more than 7 hundred thousand people.

Has your restaurant been negatively impacted by this pandemic? If yes, read on!

Doorstep delivery of food

So, first the good news as stated by the WHO, there is currently no evidence to support the fact that coronavirus can be transmitted through food. Companies like Uber Eats, Grubhub, Just Eat, Big Basket, Zomato, and Amazon Fresh are leaving no stone unturned to safely provide their customers with fresh produce and staples. These companies are claiming to adhere to the protocols set by the WHO to ensure safe deliveries. 

My restaurant is struggling and I cannot accept cash, what do I do?

In a nutshell, let us give you the superpower to run your business without having to accept cash! Get orders for your restaurant using our world-class food ordering solution that will help customers find you, and you can accept payments online, without having to deal with the hassles of cash transactions. Pay your employees without digging into your savings and help them while you are at it.

Why should I invest in a mobile app for my food business?

  1. Mobile phones have become the most used devices lately. Therefore, having a mobile app, with its online food ordering business models, certainly provides you with an edge over traditional business methods that are footfall dependent.
  2. Mobile apps are already being used by hundreds of restaurants. People find it more convenient to order from an app than to make a phone call.
  3. Mobile apps provide comfortable utility to all the parties involved. Not only can the customer add notes to request meal customizations, but the restaurants can also send push notifications for every update. Additionally, in-built navigation saves delivery time.
  4. Customers are constantly informed about when the food is prepared, picked by the delivery agent, and is ready to reach them. This ensures transparency between both parties and helps gain customer trust.

Therefore, having a mobile app can be the holy grail for the food industry in these trying times.

I have multiple restaurants, how can this app help me?

Our solution will help you manage all your restaurants from one unified interface. You can check your orders and ensure timely delivery using our apps for riders, staff, and administrators. Whether you own a chain of restaurants just the one, this solution can help you run your business successfully during the quarantine.

How will customers find me?

With notifications, curated lists, smart search results, and sponsored listings, your restaurant can show higher in search results and give you better chances of getting orders, fast.

How can I ensure safe delivery through your app?

We urge you to follow the directions of your local health department for safety. Additionally, you may refer to the following:

  1. Screen personnel multiple times a day: All individuals working in your kitchen or those involved in delivering food must be scanned regularly.
  2. Follow a strict sanitization regime: A strict sanitization regime must be followed by the entire staff by regularly washing their hands or using alcohol-based sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing.
  3. Sealing packaging: packages must be sealed properly and double-checked if needed. This ensures any possibility of contamination before reaching your customer.
  4. Encouraging customers to pay digitally: in order to follow social distancing, customers must be encouraged to opt for contactless deliveries by using digital payment methods. 

How do my customers stay safe?

Although food delivery apps are trying their best to ensure safe deliveries, this does not mean that the customers do not need to take any precautions while receiving their orders. 

Here is what your customers can do:

  • Order from trusted eateries

It’s best to order from a trusted place. In order to establish trust, many restaurants are now sharing their videos from the making to the packaging process. 

  • Go digital – opt for contactless delivery

Many outlets have come up with contactless delivery where payment can be made using any popular digital platform. Also, the customers can ask the delivery agent to leave the food at their doorstep from where it can be collected later. It is also advisable for customers to keep a carry bag or a basket outside their house for deliveries.

  • Ask your customers to discard the packaging

Although there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through food, however, the virus can survive on the packaging for a few days. Therefore, the customers should be guided not to touch the delivered item with their bare hands. Gloves should be worn to avoid direct contact. 

  • Wash or sanitize hands

As advised by WHO, people should properly wash and sanitize their hands whenever they pick up deliveries. If you are a restaurant struggling to survive in this pandemic and would want to take your business further, send an email to and our expert consultants will get back to you to help you get your restaurant back in the grind. Volumetree has years of experience and a solid team that can help your business get back on track! Stay Safe!

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  1. I like how you mentioned ordering from establishments you trust with their packaging. My brother is wanting to try the best burger in my town and I’m worried about going to the restaurant. We might have to order takeout or have it delivered just to be safe.

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